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Inside the Mind of a Successful Bookie: Top Qualities


A successful price per head bookie is one that does not command unnecessarily. He also abstains from micromanaging and never instills fear. He is one that is amicable, compassionate and is always approachable.

With that type of mentality, a pay per head bookie is able to lead teams of employees who feel satisfied while boosting productivity and reducing turnover, all at the same time.


Bookie Tips: Best Qualities

These are the qualities that we believe can help you become the kind of bookie that is considered successful in all areas.


Talent and Will

Although many consider that a good bookie pay per head services manager is one that possesses a personality that is predisposed to the role, in fact, everybody have the capacity to be a leader. Don’t let anybody to tell you different.

What a bookie actually needs is the willing to work hard in order to be able to create teams that are effective with players, agents and even competitors.

If you want to succeed, you must work on:

  • Building a strong working ethic.
  • Your ability to become a natural leader.
  • Your will to be genuinely interested in helping others.
  • Your will to find the right solutions for any problems that may arise in the future.


Trust and Reputation

Most employees from any given industry ­­(including gambling and sports betting) truly believe that the secret to a healthy working relationship is the trusting factor.

In order to build a positive reputation with the employees of your pay per head bookie business you need to:

  • Be a great listener.
  • Take the initiative.
  • Be creative to find solutions for any given problem.
  • Create goals out of accomplished goals.
  • Strive for consistency.
  • Be Transparent.
  • Inspire your team, instead of intimidating them.
  • Accept the fact that changes are part of your bookie price per head business, and being able to get your team to be on the same page at all times. No exceptions.



The majority of employees of successful bookie price per head services providers also agree on the fact that fairness is amongst the top components to build a healthy bookie-employee relationship.

Others also believe that patience is part of the chemistry that makes things go the right way.


Unify your Team

A noteworthy pay per head bookie also knows that it is better to focus on what is truly right and not on what he wants right now.

He knows the value that resides on being helpful and trustworthy with his employees.

He also strives for consensus, instead of not caring about being always the bad guy.

This type of bookmaking entrepreneurs is also able to suggest solutions instead of being the sole mediator.



A bookie that has made it also acknowledges that respecting his employees and being open is also crucial.

He is able to sit down with his employees and tell them about what their strengths and their flaws are, and provide them with the guidance they need in order to improve.

He is also a bookie sportsbook manager that is considered a good listener and one that never embarrasses his employees in front of others because he knows that he is compromising his own integrity by doing so.


If you are a bookie pay per head services provider that possesses the aforementioned qualities, then congrats to you! On the other hand, if you feel that you are lacking on some areas, there are a ton of free online resources out there where you can gather the right information to get better, so start quenching your thirst for knowledge now!

Bookie Tips: Funding Sources for your Business


There is a variety of sources out there that you can use in order to fund your bookie pay per head services company.


Bookie Tips: Sources, Pros and Cons

In this article, we are going to tell you what the best sources are, and what their pros and cons are.


Community Banks

Although big banks are not very fond of lending cash to a small business, a community bank, similarly to a credit union, is more open to the idea of lending a hand to a startup.

Since 2007, the volume of loans for Startup companies has grown from $17 billion to an amazing $302 billion nowadays.

Before telling you the pros and cons of asking for cash from a community bank, you must keep in mind that you really cannot tell these types of institutions that you are requesting cash for a bookie Sportsbook operation.

Your best bet is to tell them that you are trying to open a small online customer service operation, or something on that line of work. This also applies to Venture Capital, and SBA’s.

Pros: a community bank is willing to help a small business, whereas large banks are more rigid when it comes to their application process. They are also fond of providing loans to the lowest-risk borrowers.

Cons: On the contrary, a community bank doesn’t have as many free products as large banks, and their interest rates on loans may not be as competitive.


Venture Capital

A venture capital firm is one that can invest in a bookie pay per head company in exchange for a share of the business.

Pros: A VC is able to lend a large quantity of cash, and it can also infuse your bookie business with much needed prestige and advice. Also, since you are not actually requesting a loan, there is no interest to pay.

Cons: The bad side of dealing with a venture capital firm is that, like stated above, you may have to give up a big portion of your bookie pay per head company in order to get the cash that you need to get things going.


Small Business Administration

The Small Business Administration or SBA make thousands of loans every year, and your bookie pay per head business can be one of the beneficiaries.

Pros: A risk-averse bank may actually prefer to make a small business administration-backed loan due to the fact that the government is willing to guarantee as much as 85% of the total loan in case of default.

Cons: In order to get a loan for your bookie Pay per Head Services company from an SBA, you will have to deal with a ton of paperwork.


Crowd Funding

Websites such as IndieGoGo, Peerbackers, RocketHub, and of course the most famous one, Kickstarter, are always willing to give bookie price per head entrepreneurs a hand in order to raise funds for grown their bookmaking businesses.

Pros: The power of crowd funding can be exactly what you need when standard financiers turn you away.

Cons: Be careful with the way you promote your business to the crowds due to the fact that you are collecting cash and asking others to invest in your bookie operation, so you might incur in violations related to some regulations and security laws.


Angel Investor

This is a person that have a high net worth and who is willing to help a bookie pay per head company with some funding in exchange for some ownership rights in the long run.

Pros: Since these are private citizens whom are using their own funds, angel investors are probably one of the top options for a bookie company due to the degree of discretion related to the money they give you.

Cons: For some reason angel investors are known for not re-investing, which means that if they give you a loan they are not likely to help with a second one in case you might need it.

Bookie Tips: Top Ten Attributes of a Business Owner


As the owner of your own bookie pay per head business, you really need to learn how to be a good boss and manager so your sports betting operation can be as productive and efficient as it can be.


Bookie Tips: Top 10 Attributes

Here are the ten attributes that we believe are shared by good business owners:


Thinking Positive

There is just some great power behind positive psychology. For this reason, it is recommended for bookie pay per head professionals to always look at every single situation, good or bad, as a learning opportunity.


Being Honest

If you want your sportsbook operation to flourish, you should always be honest with your current and prospective clients.

When you lie to a given customer, he will stop trusting you and it is likely that he will take his business elsewhere.

Another bad aspect of lying to your players is that they will speak negatively about your bookie price per head operation to other players, and that will certainly make it very difficult for you to broaden your bookmaking portfolio.



If you hire someone to give you a hand with some tasks related to your bookie business, let that person to do his or her job.

When you start micromanaging your employees, you are losing time that you could have spent doing other valuable things such as recruiting more players.

What you can do is to work with periodic meetings, where the people behind you can tell you what is going on so you can take general, not micro decisions.



Communicating often with your players is a great way to let them know that you are a responsible bookie that is not only interested in the cash that you can make out their betting action.

Although Pay per Head Services allows you to avoid processing wagers yourself, you can improve your client’s experience by taking some time to call or email them in order to let them know that you are always available in case they have any questions or concerns.



Since you are the leader of your bookie price per head company, the ones behind you certainly look at you as an example to follow.

For this reason, you should try to inspire your employees to be as passionate about your bookmaking operation as you are so they can help you grow your business faster.


Aligning the Team

You also need to get your employees to work together as a team. Everybody should be focused on a single goal, instead of going in different ways as this can end up being a waste of time and resources.



If one of the employees of your bookie pay per head business has some personal difficulties, it is likely that such person is going to underperform because his or her head is not in the right place.

For an employee to do his work the right way, he or she must balance work and life. We recommend you to take some time and sit down with each one of your employees in order to see what’s going on in their lives so you can look for ways to lend a hand.


Give Credit

When an employee is given credit for the work he’s doing, he will become more confident and his performance is likely to improve.

For example, if you have a sub-agent who is quite productive and is bringing a lot of big-time players to your bookie business, try to provide that person with an incentive so he or she can continue to recruit the kind of clients that is allowing you to become more affluent every day.


Encourage Growth

If you have an employee that is very proficient in one are but lacks talent in another one, try to encourage him or her to improve his or her skills with the promise of better opportunities at your bookie pay per head company.


Be Fair

You should never, ever fail to be fair with your clients. Always pay what you owe on time, and don’t let players know that you have preferences for others.

Bookie Tips: Common Writing Mistakes to Avoid


If your written content is good, chances are that visitors are going to stay on your bookie pay per head website longer.

On the other hand, if your writing is full of mistakes, it is likely that people is going to stop reading your content and won’t return to your site again.


Bookie Tips: Writing Mistakes

Here are some common writing mistakes that you can take into consideration when crafting the content for your bookie Pay per Head Services site in order to add value to your work.


Fragments, Run-Ons, Comma Splice

Fragments: Avoid incomplete sentences which are missing either a verb or a subject.

Example: I need to get pay per head services. Because the PPH shop I’m working with now is too expensive.

Run-Ons: Avoid writing a sentence with more than one subject-verb which doesn’t contain the right punctuation between them.

Comma Splice: Avoid joining two or more complete sentences with a comma. Instead, separate them with a period.


YES: I didn’t know what Sportsbook I wanted. I was too confused to decide.

NO: I didn’t know what sportsbook I wanted, I was too confused to pick one.


Easily Confused Words

There are words that sound the same. But when it comes to writing them, they definitely have a different meaning.

Some examples can be “There”, “Their” and “They’re”. Also “Its” and “It’s”, and “Your” and “You’re.”



1. Use commas before “And”, “Or” and “But.” For example: I am now a price per head bookie, and my life has changed for good.

2. Use a comma after an introductory phrase.

3. You should also use commas when writing two or more coordinate adjectives.

4. Also, don’t forget to use commas when you want to set off phrases without changing its meaning.

5. You should also apply a comma when you want to set off transitional phrases.

6. DO NOT use commas between cumulative adjectives which modify a noun.


YES: Three Big Games are on the board.

NO: Three, Big, Games are on the board.



Here are two important rules concerning the organization of the written content from your bookie pay per head website:

1. Don’t forget to create an outline before you start writing.

2. Don’t forget to check for transitions, topic sentences, introduction and conclusion.


Nouns & Pronouns

When writing content for your bookie price per head services site, avoid using singular nouns with plural pronouns.


YES: Each bookmaking agent has his or her own opinion.

NO: Each bookie has their own opinion.


Inflated Sentences

Avoid saying:

  • In regards to
  • In the event of
  • I am of the opinion that

Instead, you can say:

  • About
  • If
  • I Think

YES: Don’t forget to use an active voice and active verbs. Also, try to scale down wordy phrases.

NO: Avoid a passive voice, eliminate “to be”, and reduce “there are/is.”



You can always use apostrophes in order to replace deleted letters or numbers. For example, “the 90’s”, “you’re” or “can’t.”

You can also use them to make nouns possessive. For example, “the pay per head bookie’s clients” or “the three agents’ office.”


Difference between Speech & Writing

Remember, there is a big difference between speaking, which is informal, and writing, which is more formal.


Spoken: I gotta take bets ’til seven.

Written: I have to run my bookie pay per head business until eight every day.


As you can see, these are common writing mistakes, but it is important to consider them when creating fresh content for your bookie price per head website.

This is because the better your content is, the more trustful you will appear to prospective clients, and the more online conversions you will obtain.