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Independent Sports Betting: Benefits for the Bookie and the Player


Running an independent sports betting operation has benefits for both the bookie that is handling the business, and also for his players.

For the Bookie

No Large Investments, Minimum Risk

A person that takes the decision of starting a bookie business using pay per head solutions don’t require a lot of capital in order to start operating as the PPH shop is the one that provides all the infrastructure needed in order to operate at the highest level.

If you are running a sports betting operation, there is always some risk involved, but working with a PPH establishment minimizes such risk as the personnel there is good at keeping track of “wiseguys” whom are trying to clean the bookie.

Once they detect suspicious activity on a particular account, they will immediately inform the agent so he can take the necessary actions.

Freedom and Big Cash

Let’s face it, if you are considering becoming a bookmaker, you likely have two main goals in mind: to have as much freedom as you can, and to accumulate as much money in your bank account as possible.

This is indeed possible for the bookie that is using pay per head services because the PPH shop is handling most aspects of his operation, which means that the agent can take some time off from his regular responsibilities at any time while knowing that his business is in good hands.

And of course there is the cash part: PPH increases the agent’s credibility considerably because he’s able to offer premium services.

By doing so, his current and future clients will become loyal, and doubtless, to count with a devoted customer base is the secret to make it big in this business.


For the Player

No Credit Cards Needed

It is a fact that people don’t like giving out their credit card information, especially over the internet. This is certainly one of the biggest challenges that an online sportsbook faces when it comes to recruiting new clients because there are many players out there that have been robbed by fraudulent sports betting operations.

When it comes to the independent bookie, bettors know that they are dealing with a real individual who they are able to contact directly by phone, email or in person, and that is the main reason why they don’t have a problem about handling him their cash.

In other words, to deal with a bookie is a more personal, engaging experience.

High Quality Service

Instead of taking calls from their clients, the modern bookie relies on price per head services, which allows him to direct people to either a call center or a website where wagers are recorded.

The agent then uses his personal bookie software in order to check out who owes him cash or who he owes money to.

This means that when an agent acquires a new client, the latter is going to obtain the same type of high quality service that is found at the top online sportsbooks, no more, no less.

Minimal Exposure

Most players like to keep their sports betting action as private as possible because of the legal consequences that such activities are linked to.

People that bets with the large online sportsbooks are exposing all of their personal information to a group of people they don’t know, and that can be harmful in more than one way.

Dealing with an independent bookie is quite different because such agents don’t keep the personal data of their clients, and when it comes to betting over the PPH shop’s website or call center, all that is needed by the player is a pin number and password.

This means that only the bookie has the name (which may or may not be real) and the contact information of his clients (a simple email address in most cases), which means that the exposure of his players to unwanted sources is minimal.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Golf Equipment and Gear Gift Ideas


Many fans of professional sports and bettors alike, including the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business, seem to share a likeness for golf, so a piece of equipment or some gear are excellent gift choices.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Some Golf Gift Ideas


TaylorMade SLDR Driver

Just a few years back, the idea of giving someone a driver as a gift was not advisable, but all that changed thanks to the adjustable clubs by TaylorMade.

The new SLDR Driver has helped pro golfers such as Henrik Stenson to win tourneys such as the FedEx Cup Title and the European Tour’s Race to Dubai, all in the same year (2013).

The SLDR Driver comes with a linear scale across its sole and TaylorMade’s latest technology advancement: the Loft Sleeve, which allows players to select from 1 of 12 lofts.

Overall, this driver allows for a more potent ball flight, better spin rate and more proficient launch angle.

Such a good reputation certainly makes it a top choice when it comes to picking a golf gift for a given customer of your Bookie Pay per Head Services startup company.


Travel Bag

Even if the customers of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business fly just a couple of times a year to play golf to different areas of the country or overseas, they will certainly appreciate to count with a nice, quality travel bag.

According to professional golfers, the best option out there as of now is the ClubGlider by Sun Mountain, specially the 2014 version, which is lighter than previous ones (around 3 pounds).

New features regarding this travel bag are: easy to reach pockets, more convenient tightening straps and better padding for the club heads.

Apart from the aforementioned innovations, this great travel bag retains its top advantage: its retractable legs with wheels system, which allows the bag to stand on two wheels or to roll it with an extra two when needed.

This is quite convenient when a client of your sportsbook business is, for example, waiting at airport check-in lines, where bags must be moved or dragged a few feet every few minutes.

As of now, there are two versions available: the Tour Series, which is the larger with a price tag of around $320. And the Meridian, which is the standard model and comes with a price tag of a little under $300.


Tartan Head Covers

Since the sport of golf has its origins in Scotland, a tartan head cover is an ideal gift for the players of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business who have some Anglo ancestry or for those who simply have a fondness for all-things-tartan.

That is why we recommend you the Seamus Golf Head Cover Set. These are created in an artisanal way by a small Oregon company using traditional Scottish clan tartans in combination with a variety of high-quality wools.

There are some options to choose from, including hybrid and fairway covers plus the regular driver covers, all in a variety of designs (including limited editions) and custom orders.


Comfortable Golf Shoes

A pair of golfing shoes is also an excellent choice when it comes to making the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Services company happy.

Although there are many great options available out there, we would like to recommend you the ECCO Street Shoes, which are not only quite comfortable for walking 18 or 36, but are also very appealing to the eye.

These shoes look very casual, and even though they possess special soles, you can even wear them outside the golf course.

In fact, the company that makes these shoes was a pioneer in combining street-inspired looks and golf performance in a single product; and now all similar shoes can be said to be copycat versions of the ECCO.