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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Pay per Head Bookie: Improve your Social Media Posts


Whether you are uploading a video to YouTube, posting a tweet or a Facebook update in order to promote the latest content from your Pay per Head Bookie website, you should try to make your new social media posts as engaging as possible.

Pay per Head Bookie: Ideas on how to do it:



Uploading and Title

Since you want to reach out to as many people as possible, don’t forget to upload your video with a title that is catchy and that is identifiable with the information contained within the video.

We certainly don’t recommend you to name your movies something like movieabc.mp4 as this really can’t tell browsers that the video that you are offering contains info that is pertaining to sports betting, for example.

Your goal is to make the title (and the file name) of the video as attention-grabbing as possible in order to reach out to players whom can become clients of your Pay per Head Bookie business.


Although a lot of people that visits YouTube have a tendency of going straight to the video, there are also those whom check out the description in order to have a better idea of what they can expect.

If you are describing the Pay per Head Bookie services that you offer, make sure to also post some good information about it under the description space.

Also, don’t forget to put your contact data over there as YouTube descriptions allow users to post links. This makes it possible for you to add a direct link to the contact form located on your Pay per Head Bookie website.

You can also post your phone number so prospective customers can contact you right away in order to accelerate the conversion process.


Tags are also very important because it allows you to add keywords related to your Pay per Head Bookie and casino business, making it easier for more people to find you through their searches.



Provide Part of the Info

When it comes to Facebook updates, you really don’t want to disclose all the info. Instead, offer something, but don’t give out everything because your goal is to get people to click on the link that you post so they can visit your Pay per Head Bookie site.

When you post a link, you can post it directly, or you can also use if you want to keep track of how many people are clicking on your update.

Keep It Positive

Try to post positive stuff! this is because when you add updates related to the content of your Pay per Head Bookie site that have a positive value, this will encourage people to share your content as they will feel inspired and excited.

Check for Comments

Don’t just post updates; make sure to also follow up on what you posted in order to check for comments so you can reply (if necessary) or “like” the comment as soon as it is posted.




Just because you only have 140 characters in order to say what you need to say, that doesn’t mean that you have to use abbreviations or posting all in caps.

Instead, make sure that you write a clean, clear message concerning what people can expect when they click on your Twitter link.

In order to write a nice message for your tweet, think about the descriptions that you write for the posts from your Pay per Head Bookie site and follow the same guidelines.


When you post a question, you are providing people with a clear CTA or Call to Action, which means that you are giving people a reason to reply to your tweet and to even re-tweet it.

Price per Head Sportsbook: Creating PPC Landing Pages


When you are creating pay per click ads, always keep in mind the landing page of your Price per Head Sportsbook website where people end up when they access the ad.

Price per Head Sportsbook: Expectations

The ad that you are making will indeed set a particular expectation in the mind of the person that is clicking on it, so make sure that the landing page is able to live up to it by providing users with what’s advertised.

If a particular ad is about a certain promotion that you are running on an ongoing basis for example, the text for the general content and also the title should be focused on that.

Keywords and General Theme

Also, don’t forget to add your main keyword term (s) on the page!

Creating a landing page for your Price per Head Sportsbook website takes time, and once it’s done, you don’t want to be messing with it because that can ruin much of the work you are putting into it.

For this reason, the keywords that we recommend you to use on PPC landing pages are the ones that have proven to be effective to create conversions and which are part of your core SEO (search engine optimization) work.

Each and every page of your Price per Head Sportsbook site that is related to pay per click should be fully customized for a particular keyword, but it should also be related to the general theme of your website.

This means that even though the page has been created to meet the expectations of people that is clicking on a given PPC ad, such page should also be familiar with the rest of the content on your Price per Head Sportsbook website.

Engagement Objects

Indeed, making use of engagement objects such as video, pics and even audio can help you make the PPC landing pages of your Price per Head Sportsbook website even more attractive to visitors.

In order to turn such landing pages into some real attention grabbers, you can create your own videos, where you personally speak to prospective customers about the advantages of joining your sports betting operation.

If you are not very fond of being in front of the camera, you can get someone else to do such type of videos for you, preferably someone that is also directly associated with your Price per Head Sportsbook startup company.

In order to get even more creative, you can even opt for paying a professional to do a nice voiced animation where you can explain players why they should turn into clients of Pay per Head Services business.

Call to Action

While in the process of creating a landing page for a given pay per click campaign, remember that the top goal of such page is to get visitors to take any particular action you want them to take.

This could be a variety of things, all aimed to finally lead prospective clients into real conversions. Such things can include signing up for your weekly newsletter, filling up a form to get some extra info or a quote on your Price per Head Sportsbook services or other similar call-to-action elements.

We also recommend you to state your preferred call to action several times within the content of the PPC landing page.

For example, if you want people to get in touch with you by phone, make sure that you add the phone number in big-sized fonts and in bold at least once and in a lower-sized fonts a few more times throughout the text (and also on any engagement objects such as video or pictures).

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Tips to Retain Customers


Acquiring clients for your Bookie Pay per Head Services startup company is just the beginning, then you need to find out how to retain them, and here are some tips that can help.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Never Lie

Indeed, it is always better to tell the truth than to lie, and that also apply to how you deal with the customers of your Bookie business.

Always be honest with clients about what you can offer them and what you can’t. Avoid lying at all costs because when you promise something that you can’t deliver, you will lose credibility and the word of mouth is likely to spread around. This is something that you don’t want as it can hurt your image and eventually your pocket.

Telling the truth to the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Services sports betting business will reinsure the decision of players of placing bets with you, and this increases your chances of retaining them because you are doing something that is imperative for the success of any given startup: you are building trust.

Be Respectful

In order to retain the clients of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business, you need to be respectful with them at all times, no exceptions.

Even when you have some players on your bookmaking portfolio that are difficult to deal with, you really cannot play their same game because you run the risk of losing their action.

When a player gets in touch with a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider, he or she is expecting some things in general, and respectfulness is certainly at the top of their list, so make sure that being respectful is also at the top of yours.

Of course that there are certain limits, and when you find yourself facing a client that has been difficult since day one, it is up to you to let such person go.

If the client is someone that is always active and is constantly increasing your profits, then it is in your best interest to try to find a solution in order to keep the person satisfied. This can include a certain type of compensation or just a little extra patience!

Deal with Problems Immediately

If any sort of unwanted situation related to a client of your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation arises, try to deal with it right away.

If you don’t solve a problem that is making a given customer uncomfortable, he or she might just decide to look for a different agent, and this is something that you definitely don’t want because, after all, the player will still be able to get his action somewhere else, but you won’t see a dime from that person again, which means that the only loser will be your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation.

Work with a VIP Program

Big-time players certainly don’t want to be treated like the rest; they like to feel special and be treated accordingly.

In order to retain this type of customers, create a VIP plan that you will put in practice only with those clients whom are the most profitable ones.

Make sure that such clients are always satisfied. Give them bonuses and even gifts on a regular basis so they can feel that they are important and very relevant for your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation.

Of course don’t forget that each and every client of your business is equally important, so even though you have a few key customers on your VIP program, everybody should feel that their sports betting action is wanted.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Top Reasons to Use Pay per Click


Pay per Click provides you with easy and effective experimentation so that you can take what you have learned in order to apply it to the current optimization strategies for your Bookie Pay per Head Services site.

Here are some of the top reasons why using Pay per Click is highly recommended:

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Quick Results

When you do SEO (search engine optimization) on your Bookie Pay per Head Services site, you need to take into consideration that results might take some time to show, especially if you are trying to get listed at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages) for very competitive keyword terms.

On the other hand, when you add a PPC campaign to your existing work, the ads that you buy can send your Bookie Pay per Head Services website to the top of a SERP almost immediately.

Although it is not guaranteed that you will get the kind of traffic that you are expecting, you will indeed obtain some instant feedback, and that can be great in order to help you with the keyword work that you are doing related to your current SEO campaign.

Since it is very easy to change relevant keywords and ads when running a pay per click campaign, this is indeed considered a great way to test the market.

Qualified Visits

There is a great element related to PPC that makes it a very accurate tool: the ad that you are paying in order to promote your Bookie Pay per Head Services website is going to appear only when a browser does a search containing such specific term.

This means that when someone clicks your paid ad, such a person can be considered to be pre-qualified as a possible client.

This is because they entered a specific search, and subsequently clicked a relevant link (yours) located at the top of the SERPs, which means that they can be considered to be amongst those browsers whom are ready to acquire a product or service.

Keyword Research

If you run a PPC campaign for a certain keyword and doesn’t work, give a different keyword a try until you hit a term that sends traffic to your Bookie Pay per Head Services site.

Although running a PPC campaign allows you to test a diversity of keywords, be careful not to spend a lot of cash on a given keyword term that you believe to be popular, but that in reality is not sending any real conversions your way.

There are keyword terms that are good to obtain traffic, but probably those keywords are not the kind that can allow you to obtain conversions.

With that in mind, you really don’t want to dilute the overall theme of your Bookie Pay per Head Services site with terms that have nothing to do with what possible clients are browsing the web for when they do some research for a Bookie or sports betting organization like yours.

Conversion Testing

Since a Pay per Click program provides immediate feedback, you can use that information in order to find out which PPC campaigns are giving you good results in terms of conversions.

When we talk about conversions, we mean the percentage of searches that generated a given action, such as signing up, subscribing, registering or even buying a given product that you have for sale in your Bookie Pay per Head Services website.

Such info is indicative of a person that is interested in doing business with an agent that can provide sportsbook, racebook or even casino solutions, and this is because such individuals have taken a certain action that indicates a particular interest.

Having such information at hand can indeed prove to be quite beneficial in order to see where you need to focus your efforts at.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Entrepreneur Lessons from the World Cup


The 2014 World Cup is one of the most important events in sports that take place only once every four years, and here is some information related to the cup that can serve as lessons for Bookie Pay per Head Services entrepreneurs.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Talent Alone Won’t Get you There

Talented teams like Italy, England and even last cup’s champion Spain saw early exits from the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

Although these nations are teams with big positive reputations (they are all cup winners) and their players are the stuff of legend, their early exit from the cup serves as an important reminder for Bookie Pay per Head Services entrepreneurs in the sense that talent alone doesn’t guarantee success.

In order to get to where they want to be, Bookie Pay per Head Services providers must combine their talent with a good strategy and innovation in order to try to beat the competition.

This includes not only the big-time agents out there, but also the small ones, which are willing to go the extra mile in order to let others know that they also have the potential to be successful.

Tie your Brand to a Global Community

Most of the brands that capitalized with the passion for the 2014 Brazil World Cup focused on tying their products or offerings to the global soccer community and not on the offerings themselves.

You, as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider, should also try to tie your own business to similar sports global communities, starting with American professional leagues such as the NFL and the NBA.

Try to run marketing campaigns focused on informing and educating viewers about a given sports community while offering your product at the same time in a way that sounds natural.

If you can find a way to apply this formula to your Bookie and Casino Services operation, you will indeed increase the gross of your profits.

The Underdog can Make it Big

Some smaller teams are always capable of doing great things that seemed impossible at first, which means that those considered underdogs can certainly triumph over the big names in sports, as well as in the gambling industry.

If you are a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider that is just getting started, you are probably still considered an underdog in a very competitive industry, but that doesn’t mean that you should remain an underdog as you also have the chance to play in the big leagues.

You can start by doing some brainstorming in order to figure out what differentiates you from the rest, that original aspect of your entrepreneurial personality that makes you different, and unique.

Once you have identified those personal strengths, you can use them in your favor in order to increase your value as a Bookie Pay per Head Services startup company owner.

What is your Differentiator?

Although the FIFA is aware of the fact that they can increase their earnings even more if the World Cup gets played every two years, they also know that if they do it, fans can lose interest.

Their true differentiator is scarcity: they know that by keeping the 2014 Brazil World Cup taking place every four years instead of every two, the buildup can create greater and greater interest in the event.

Just as the FIFA, who are aware of what is the differentiator that helps them to keep the World Cup successful on a steady basis, think about what is your very differentiator as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider in order to start capitalizing on that factor.

As you can see, the World Cup provides some great examples that can serve as models which can lead entrepreneurs in the right direction. These are just a handful of good comparisons, but we are sure that there are a great deal more.

Pay per Head Bookie: Expanding to the United Kingdom


If you are planning to create a Pay per Head Bookie website in order to hit the United Kingdom market, you need to take into consideration that even though English is the first language in the UK, the British and the Americans do have their differences, so here are some tips that can guide you in the right direction.

Pay per Head Bookie: Spelling

When it comes to creating empathy between you and UK players in order to sign them for your Pay per Head Bookie operation, you need to create content that uses British words.

This is recommended not only because it will bring a sense of familiarity to the texts of your Bookie website, but also because UK bettors tend to do their research in Google or other top search engines using keyword terms that are related to the United Kingdom.

Indeed there is no faster way to decrease your credibility than to forget about the cultural aspects of the country that you are trying to hit with your international marketing campaign.


Doubtless, Google is the most utilized search engine in the United Kingdom (in fact, Google is more relevant in the UK than in the USA), so this is the engine that we recommend you to primarily optimize for.

Of course that it is also advisable to optimize for other giant engines such as Yahoo! and Bing plus local ones.


It is also important to present the wagering features and lines of your Pay per Head Bookie operation using UK currency. You have a choice here as you can either work with Euros or English Pounds.

If you make the mistake of presenting your lines and prices on dollars, you run the risk of losing the edge that you were getting with all of your optimization work.

Organic versus Paid Results

A few recent studies and surveys have proven that UK browsers then to rely more on organic results than in paid ones.

This means that spending a lot of money on paid ads or PPC (pay per click) results is really not worth it if you are targeting the British market.

Instead, try to focus on doing the best work that you can related to SEO (search engine optimization) in order to appear at the top of the SERPs when someone from the United Kingdom is looking for an online Pay per Head Bookie solution.


Although American Football is the biggest sport in the United States, soccer is actually king in the UK, which means that you need to focus on offering your sports betting Pay per Head Bookie Services to players whom are fond of the latter sport.

In fact, most people from the United Kingdom wagers primarily on soccer and other European sports such as Rugby, tennis and horse racing.

This means that the lines that you offer to your American clientele should be different than the ones that you offer to UK players.

For this reason, try to avoid focusing your efforts on the predominant American leagues such as the NFL, NBA and the NHL. Of course you can make an exception to this rule when big events such as the NBA playoffs or the Super Bowl are active in order to amass some extra profits for your Pay per Head Bookie business.

Local Agents

If it’s possible, we truly recommend you to have a physical contact that can work along with you in the UK.

Although you can do businesses with people from the United Kingdom after a sense of mutual trust has been created, this can limit the potential of your Pay per Head Bookie business.

On the other hand, when you work with a local agent, you really don’t have to wait until such trustfulness has been established as you can rely on your UK partner in order to help you do both collections and payments.

Pay per Head Bookie: Promoting your Services in Asia


A Pay per Head Bookie website can allow you to hit many different markets, locally and internationally, and this includes the Asian region.

There are indeed some differences between Asian and Western cultures, so here are some tips that can help you get your Bookie Services site ready for the East.

Pay per Head Bookie: Native Speakers

It is important to point out that what might work in the North American market might just not have the same effect on potential customers of your Pay per Head Bookie business in Asia.

For this reason, you should not just look to translate your site to the Eastern language of your choice, but also to hire native speakers that can create content that is more assertive for your targeted market.

Natives can also help you do local searches in order to be able to see the same results a prospective client doing the same type of research sees.

Hiring natives to help you out shouldn’t be expensive if you know where to search for them. For example, you can hit areas where you know Asians tend to gather, or you can also visit college campuses in order to look for international students.

Analyze the Market

Just as you would analyze a given market within the US territory, you also need to take into consideration the viability of your Pay per Head Bookie niche when marketing in Eastern countries.

Remember that you are dealing with a complete different culture, so you need to make sure that you understand what the most popular and accepted marketing strategies on such nations are.

It might be that sports betting is not so popular in the country that you are targeting, but maybe you can still get some profits from that area by marketing the casino side of your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Sizing up the Competition

After you have decide what is the market (s) that you wish to target in Asia, you need to start analyzing your competitors.

Just like working in the US, you need to see what is it that your competition is doing that is working for them in order to get the best ideas and apply them to your own Pay per Head Bookie Services business.

Take your time to check the websites of your competitors, especially if they are locals.

When doing your research, local natives can help you identify the stronger elements of the best selling sites on your particular niche.

SEO Tools

Besides getting the help of natives, you can also use the proper SEO (search engine optimization) tools in order to check for things like keyword densities.

Make sure that the SEO tool that you are planning to use can be viewed in the language of the country that you are targeting for your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Search Engines

It is a fact that Asians do not use Google as much as Westerns do, so you need to identify the search engines that you will be using in order to promote your Pay per Head Bookie startup company. The faster your site can get indexed on such engines, the better.

Here are some of the top engines in the East:

Japan: In this nation, Yahoo! has most of the online market share, but Google is also getting quite popular.

China: Baidu is the top engine in this country and the 4th most important on a global basis, so you must definitely optimize your site for it.

South Korea: Here, Naver is the most relevant engine, and along with Yahoo, they share 85% of the web search market (Google only 15%), so those are the two engines that you need to optimize for.


Also, don’t forget to adjust the visuals of your Pay per Head Bookie site in order to make it more appealing to Eastern clients.

Asians indeed prefer websites that are full of colors and links, and creating a website where those elements are outstanding is your best bet.

A good idea is to keep your site for the Western market the same, and create a brand new Pay per Head Bookie website for your Asian marketing campaign.