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Bookie Pay per Head Services: Top Reasons to Start a Business Pt 2


This is our second article related to the top reasons why you should consider starting your own Bookie Pay per Head Services business. Click here to read the previous one.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Give Back to the Community

Running a Bookie Pay per Head Services business that is considered successful means that you will have the chance of helping others, sponsoring a charity or a nonprofit for example.

Lending a helping hand using a portion of your profits is not only going to improve your principles, but it will also enrich the image of your Bookie Pay per Head Services company, and this can be a key element that can help you sign more clients in an easier way.

Be Challenged

Running a Bookie Pay per Head Services operation will doubtless present a series of challenges, but dealing with the latter is not negative at all.

This is because when you get challenged and manage to successfully deal with a given situation, your self reliance grows, and with it, you also grow as a Bookie entrepreneur that is not afraid of facing the unexpected.

Become a Mentor

You will also get a lot of satisfaction when you take on the role of mentor. This is indeed one of the best parts of becoming a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider because you get to teach others to run things the way to do it.

This has the outstanding benefit of allowing you to work with a team that appreciates your knowledge, which means that they will respect your decisions and follow you command without doubting you.

Professionalism and Skills

Every day that you spend running a Bookie Pay per Head Services company you become a little bit more professional at what you do.

When you accumulate positive experiences related to the way you do your job, it is likely that the word will get spread around, and having such a good record really can’t hurt, especially when it comes to make you more credible.

Becoming more professional also means that your skills will continue to improve on a steady basis, so every day that passes you will realize that you find your work a little bit easier.

Improving your skills is also great because once you have mastered some of them, you can start working on others areas where you are flawed.


Another great advantage of running your own Bookie Pay per Head Services business is that you will become more determined to causes.

Once you experience success with your sports betting operation, you will become addicted to the rush that accomplishing something brings, and this is very positive because it will allow you to be more committed to what you do.


When you become successful at managing a Bookie Pay per Head Services operation you will also receive the recognition that you deserve.

Although this shouldn’t be the main reason to start a bookmaking business, getting recognized for your successes as an entrepreneur is certainly a great feeling.

Financial Freedom

Although money doesn’t buy happiness, it can give you the security and stability that you need in order to allow you to follow your dreams with total freedom.

Being financially independent is definitely one of the top reasons why people decide to take a calculated risk and become entrepreneurs, and once you decide to take the same decision, you will find that enjoying the profits of your work is very satisfying.

Reinventing Yourself

If you have worked for someone else all of your life, once you break that cycle by deciding to become a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider you will be reinventing yourself as a person that is capable of leading the way.

Pay per Head Services: Top Reasons to Start a Business Pt. 1


If you are an entrepreneur that wishes to start your own Pay per Head Services startup company, you have probably heard a lot of negative comments about making it happen, such as going into debt or losing your social life.

Even though this might be true at first, it is certainly not a permanent situation, and there are many more positive reasons why you should take the chance of starting a business of your own than not.

This is the first of two articles where we offer you the major reasons why you should say yes to a Bookie operation of your own.

Pay per Head Services: Spare Time

Sure, when you use Pay per Head Services, you will have more free time than if you don’t, but that doesn’t mean that you should use ALL the time that you are saving on your hobbies or other miscellaneous activities that are not related to your betting operation.

Instead, use some of that time in order sign up new players for your company, and surely afterwards you will notice that you will be able to master your schedule almost perfectly, which will allow you to find the freedom that owning your own business provides.

Telling a Story

When you are running your very own Pay per Head Services business, it will be certainly very pleasing for you to tell others about your entrepreneurial spirit and about how well you are currently doing.

Indeed, to talk about a company that you own is nothing compared to tell people that you work for a mega-gigantic corporation where you are just a pawn more.

Tax Benefits

Although you are running a Pay per Head Services operation, you can tell the people from the government that you are a freelancer that provides a client attention solution, for example.

And since you are telling them that you are working by your own, you are able to take advantage of some nice tax perks, including writing off expenses such as phone bills, traveling, food and much more.


When you are able to build a Pay per Head Services company from the ground up, you will be constantly filled by a sentiment of success.

You first had a vision about how you wanted things to go, and once you were able to execute your plans without any major inconveniences, you were able to say to yourself “I did it” and enjoy the benefits and the profits of your bookmaking operation.


If you have younger family members that have the right age, then you can bring them on board and teach them all they need to know in order to help them grow alongside you.

Once you decide to retire from your Pay per Head Services operation after having made the kind of money that you were aiming for, you can pass on the main chair to the next generation.

This certainly will make you feel quite proud of yourself, because you are leaving to your loved ones something that you created.


When you are an entrepreneur, you are your own boss, which means that you if you are a dedicated Pay per Head Services business owner, you will end up with enough cash as to find the stability that you have always wanted to have in your life.


When you work directly for a company, there are little chances of you to meet other entrepreneurs because you are focused on making money for other people.

But when you work for yourself, you are likely going to be constantly looking for information on how you can expand your current operation.

And since entrepreneurs are communal individuals, you will always going to have people like yourself supporting you and giving you ideas about how you can improve.

Pay per Head Bookie: Brainstorming, Info and Tips

puzzle in testa

If you really want to come up with some great ideas that can allow you to improve your Pay per Head Bookie business, then you should make of brainstorming a habit.

Here is some information to help you understand what this activity is and some tips to allow you to brainstorm better.

Pay per Head Bookie: What is Brainstorming

Brainstorming is synonym with creative ideas. This activity is done in order to come up with answers and solutions for any kind of problem or situation, especially in the business world.

An interesting fact to notice related to brainstorming is that there are really no new ideas out there. In fact, anything that can be considered new is basically just a mashup of previous ideas.

The good thing is that by re-thinking such ideas, you can come up with solutions that can be considered innovative for any problem related to your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

Alone or in Group

Brainstorming is an activity that you, as a Bookie, can actually do by yourself or also with your team of co-workers or friends.

Doing it alone means that you will be dedicating all of your time to your very own ideas linked to your Pay per Head Bookie startup company.

On the other hand, when you brainstorm with others, you are contributing your own thoughts to the group with the goal of complementing the ideas of others or viceversa.

We actually recommend you, when possible, to brainstorm by yourself and then with others in order to have some solid ideas of your own that can be enhanced later on when you are with a team of people.

A Serious Process

One of the biggest mistakes people makes when brainstorming is that they don’t take the whole process seriously.

If you really want to come up with ideas that actually work for your Pay per Head Bookie operation, you must take brainstorming as a job.

Although this is an activity that can be done either at an office or at the park, you should always give the idea creation process the value it truly deserves.

Make sure that your mind is clean, which means that there should not be any alcoholic beverages involved, so, forget about some brainstorming sessions at your local pub.

Remember that the future of your Pay per Head Bookie involves innovation, and brainstorming certainly plays a big part, so take it as seriously as you can.

Important Questions

Again, don’t make the mistake of taking brainstorming lightly. Your time is more than valuable, so try to get the most out of your sessions as you can.

This involves asking important questions that can lead you and your co-workers to get to the best possible solutions for any situation related to your Pay per Head Bookie business.

Warm Up

Once you are brainstorming, you need to get serious, but before you actually start your session with some co-workers, you can take a few minutes to warm up with a group conversation that is unrelated to the topic at hand.

This will prevent you and the others from entering the brainstorming session cold. Indeed, warming up can help you get ready to deliver your best ideas for the wellbeing of your Pay per Head Bookie company.

No Interruptions

When you are in the middle of a brainstorming session, the least that you want is to get interrupted.

Interruptions can break the flow of a conversation, so, when brainstorming, make sure that the PC monitors are off, and the same goes for any devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Since you are contributing ideas, all you actually need is a paper with your previously processed thoughts. Forget about bringing a pen because you run the risk of start writing stuff that is not related to the current topic related to your Pay per Head Bookie operation.

The only object that should be allowed in a brainstorming session is a whiteboard, where all the group ideas are going to be written for further analysis.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Business Preparation Questions


Most pros out there that are considering opening a Bookie Pay per Head Services business often get worried about the fact that they are becoming self-employed.

If you have a burning desire to succeed in life and be your own boss by creating a startup company, then you need to be able to unleash your inner entrepreneur.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: The Five Questions

Here are the most important questions that you need to ask yourself , and which can help you figure out how well prepared you really are for what is coming related to your new Bookie Pay per Head Services operation.

Do you think anything is Possible?

If this is currently not your state of mind, then we recommend you not to leave you day job until you acquire a solid belief that you can make the impossible take place.

This is very important because such mindset can help you become a successful Bookie Pay per Head Services provider faster than you previously imagined.

Do you think that you are Capable?

If you think deep in yourself that you are not capable of handling a Bookie business, no one else will, including people such as prospective clients and possible partners.

If you believe in what you are doing and prepare yourself mentally as to be certain that you have the capacity to become successful, those are the key ingredients in order to sell your Bookie Pay per Head Services and get the conversions that you need.

It you lack knowledge on a given area then try to correct your flaws in order to increase your sense of self trust.

What is your Real Purpose?

Beyond the money that you can make by running a Bookie Pay per Head Services operation, you need to work with a purpose that goes beyond the concept of self-serving.

Maybe your purpose is to become an innovative face in the industry, or you might just want to buy the beach house of your dreams.

By having a sense of purpose, you can work with a neutral mentality that will allow you to take the best decisions towards your business.

Can you ask for Help?

It doesn’t matter how well prepared you are to run a Bookie Pay per Head Services company; at some point, you will indeed need to request the assistance of third parties to lend you a hand.

Even though you might be proficient in a variety of areas, the day has only 24 hours and there are just so many things that you can do during that time, which is another reason why you will need get some assistance eventually.

Remember: requesting for help doesn’t mean that you don’t know what you’re doing. Instead, it actually means that you are concerned about you clients and the overall well being of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business.

Are you Willing to Market Yourself?

A big part of your marketing campaign should be to focus on the ability to share information about yourself and the Bookie Pay per Head Services which you provide.

When you get to the point where you feel happy telling people about what you work at and what your offerings are, you will be acting naturally, and that will make it easier for you to close some conversions.

Also, when you market yourself and your business, keep in mind that the Bookie Pay per Head Services that you provide are being used to improve the life of a person in some way. This can serve as a great motivating factor when the time to recruit new customers arrives.

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Tracking Your SEO Campaign


Besides keeping an eye on your current conversions, you also need to look at the big picture, which means that you need to consider if your cash, time and efforts related to your Pay per Head Bookie SEO’s (search engine optimization) project are actually paying back.

Pay per Head Bookie: Rankings

How well are your rankings? Are the pages of your Bookie site still at the top of the SERPs (search engine results pages), or are they going down?

Particularly, are you experiencing a better flow of traffic thanks to your work towards the search engines? These are probably some of the most important questions you should ask yourself when tracking how successful your SEO work is.

Keyword Terms

You need to verify that the keyword terms that you are using are really working. You truly need such keywords to have a positive effect in the search engines, otherwise you will be optimizing for no purpose at all.

The success of your SEO campaign is directly determined by being able to track your keyword phrases in a more effective way.

Keywords are indeed the terms people adds on the search engines in order to get links to information or Pay per Head Bookie services they need.

Broad and Specific Keywords

When you are keeping track of the keywords which you are employing on the pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site, remember that you shouldn’t focus all of your attention on the broad terms.

It is also quite important that you use and track smaller terms, which are more specific.

When we talk about broad terms, we are talking about keywords that usually contain from one to four words, such as Pay per Head Bookie, and are used by people that are browsing websites related to a niche topic.

When we talk about small terms, we are actually referring to terms that have more than four words and that are commonly used by people that are searching for specific things.

Using Analytics

When you make use of a tool such as Google Analytics, you are able to keep track of both the terms that are really helping you to obtain conversions and the ones that shouldn’t be used on your Pay per Head Bookie site anymore.

You can, for example, keep track of the cash that is being spent on specific keyword terms through ad campaigns in order to determine if the ROI is paying well or not.

Remember: When a keyword is not doing what is supposed to do, don’t be afraid to replace it for others that can actually attract prospective clients.

Traffic versus Conversions

Even though you might be getting a lot of traffic, that doesn’t mean that you are getting conversions accordingly.

This is why you need to track your keywords based on their performance, which means that you need to keep those that are allowing you to sign in more clients for your Pay per Head Bookie business, and not necessarily those that are bringing large amounts of traffic.

If you have a keyword that is performing well in both areas, then you just found yourself one of the best keywords for your particular needs, and one that is definitely a keeper.

SEO Takes Time

If you are currently running an SEO campaign on your Pay per Head Bookie website and you are not getting the results that you were expecting, then we recommend you to have some patience because SEO indeed takes some time.

Just remember to always keep an eye on the progress of your pages and particularly on your keywords, and proceed to do changes when they are required. If you work this way, good results are sure to come.