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Pay per Head Bookie Site Tips: Top Items to Track


Using a program such as Google Analytics, you can keep track of certain key items related to your Pay per Head Bookie site that will help you know where you’re currently standing. Here are the top ones:

Pay per Head Bookie: Top Search Queries

You will actually be surprised to know that many businesses out there really don’t get as many conversions as they can because they are targeting keywords which their prospective clients aren’t really looking for.

This is one of the main reasons why taking your time in order to research for the right keywords for the pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site is so necessary.

This is because when you just take random keywords that are not even related to your clientele you can end up wasting your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Using analytics, you can keep track of your current keywords and see how much traffic they are actually bringing to your Bookie Services website.

Sometimes you might think that you are working with a good term, but when using analytics to review the impact of such term you might realize that the opposite is actually happening.

Top Landing Pages

When we refer to landing pages, we are talking about those pages which visitors are using to get into your Pay per Head Bookie website.

Remember, a landing page is not necessarily your main page, although the latter is the one you actually want people visiting because it is the face of your business and where you include most of the ideas that you want to transmit to your audiences.

Using analytics, you can figure out the source of referrals, which is mostly the SERPs (search engine results pages), or it may also be the case that someone found a link to a given page of your Pay per Head Bookie site on social media for example.

It is very important that you figure out what your top landing pages are because those are actually the ones that are giving you some good results.

Maybe you are putting some good work on other pages that are not even getting any views at all, so analytics can help you figure this out in order to help you advance in a different direction with a renewed strategy.

Top Exit Pages

There are the pages that people uses to enter your Pay per Head Bookie site, and there are also the pages that people uses to leave.

If your visitors are frequently leaving your website on a common page, it is not a bad idea to figure out the reasons why, and analytics can provide you with answers.

Remember, you need to provide your clients with the things they want, but you also need them to perform your desired actions, and this might be to exit your Pay per Head Bookie site at the page where your sign-up form is located, for example.

On the other hand, if you realize that most visitors are leaving your site from the home page, this is certainly not a good indicator because it means that they are not even taking the time to explore your website in order to find what they were looking for.

Bounce Rate

This metric tells you about the percentage of visitors that leave your Pay per Head Bookie website just after they have entered.

Your goal is to get people to stay on your site for as long as possible in order to try to turn them into clients. If the opposite is true and people are leaving right away, it means that you are doing something that you are not supposed to do.

The good thing is that analytics can help you to collect the necessary data in order to start moving in the right direction.

Tracking this item certainly goes hand-in-hand with measuring your exit pages.

Pay per Head Services Tips: Web Analytics


In order to check out how successful your Pay per Head Services site currently is, you can make use of a great tool such as web analytics.

Indeed, web analytics is going to help you to verify what are the things that you are doing right and where you need to put some more SEO (search engine optimization) work in order to attract the right kind of visitors to your site.

Pay per Head Services: The Goal

When a webmaster uses this tool in order to analyze his Pay per Head Services website, he is actually going beyond just looking for where his site is currently ranking or how many browsers clicked on the SERPs (search engine results pages) for his site.

The real GOAL for the webmaster is to verify how many people made it to the website and subsequently got converted into clients.

People who “convert” is going to do exactly what you need them to do: in the case of bookies, become part of their bookmaking portfolios.

What Visitors Should Do

Web analytics is great because it allows the owner of a Bookie Services site to check what visitors actually do when they first arrive to his website, and it also allows him to determine what browsers SHOULD actually be doing in order to get them closer to turn into conversions.

Where are browsers first going when they visit the site? Do they remain on the home page for long, or do they visit the pages where they can find more specific information about the Pay per Head Services that the bookie offers?

Do they stay for long periods of time browsing content, or do they leave almost immediately after arriving?

These are certainly very important questions, and by using web analytics, webmasters can get very accurate answers that can help them to determine what tweaks are in place in order to direct clients where they want them to go.

Also, if clients are leaving soon, web analytics can provide the info on why this is happening.

Natural Conversions

Remember: Although you have created a Pay per Head Services website with the aim of getting conversions for your business, when people arrive to your site, they shouldn’t feel pressured to take certain actions, or otherwise they will take your site as pure marketing and will leave.

Web Analytics provides you with some key data that you can use to improve the experience of clients and guide them, not forcing them.

For this reason, you should try to get people to take the actions you want them to take in a way that it will seem natural to them.

After all, if people are visiting your Pay per Head Services site is because they are interested in what you have to offer, so use the web analytics info in order to turn them into conversations as naturally as you can.

Make Sure It’s Worth It

When you run a Pay per Head Services site, you need to make sure that all of your hard work is paying back.

This means that even though you might be getting a lot of traffic on your website, if you are able to turn just a handful of those visitors into conversions, chances are that you are running a site that is costing you money and is not getting you the desired results.

This is precisely why using web analytics is so critical, as it makes it possible for the webmaster to see where all that traffic is coming from.

When the webmaster is able to determine that the big volume of traffic is coming from the wrong areas, he can focus his efforts in trying to change his strategy in order to get not just massive traffic, but also qualified.

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Choosing the Proper CMS


Although there might be some considerations related to using a content management system and how it can affect you SEO (search engine optimization) work, you simply might have a Pay per Head Services site that can’t do without one.

In fact, when you take the advantages versus the disadvantages of using a CMS on your Bookie Services site, the former actually wins.

You really need to find a content management system that is not going to interfere with your SEO efforts, so your best bet is to work with one that is customizable and flexible.

Such CMS must give you the option of changing anything on every page of your Pay per Head Services website and not impede your work in any way.

Remember that SEO is a job that requires a lot of tweaking when it comes to monitoring and updating web pages in order to improve the performance of your site on the SERPs (search engine results pages). For example, the right CMS must give you the option of modifying a description here, a titletag there, etc.

Pay per Head Services: Main Considerations

Here are the main things that you should consider when looking for a content management system for your site:

Custom feel and look

This is not related to SEO, but doubtless it is quite relevant because you want a CMS that can allow you to choose a preferred look for your website.

This is because all sites are created to try to get the attention of a specific audience, and you need to make your Pay per Head Services site visually appealing to your very own audience, in this case, players and gamblers in general.

If you are working with a design that is not attractive at first sight, chances are that your visitors are going to be turned off by it and won’t even be interested in actually checking out what you have to say about your offerings as a bookie.

Make sure that the CMS that you pick up is one that allows you to make modifications to HTML templates and CSS styles in order to allow you to come up with the right feel and look.

External JavaScript and CSS

The content management system that you need to use on your Pay per Head Services site must also allow you to set up external CSS and JavaScript files.

The reason for doing this is because you want to keep your code as clean as possible so you pages can be fast and responsive.

Plus, when you externalize your CSS, you only need to modify a single file instead of having to edit all the pages on your Pay per Head Services site every single time that you need to do some tweaking.

Custom Directory Structure

You also need to have the freedom of organizing your directories and files.

The ideal scenario takes place when you categorize your Pay per Head Services site into subject themes, also known as siloing.

Categorizing your site is actually a search engine optimization job that is based on how browsers research the web and what is bringing the most visitors to your site.

You don’t want a content management system that dictates you how you need to organize your site. If that is the case with some of the CMS’s that you are considering, you should discard them immediately.

Custom Page Elements

Indeed, this is probably the most relevant consideration when it comes to choosing a CMS for your Pay per Head Services site.

The one that you choose really needs to give you the option of customizing your titles, descriptions, keywords, headings, anchor text and even the descriptions for images.

All things considered, the CMS that we recommend you to use on your Pay per Head Services site is WordPress.

Whether you want to create a website with a custom domain or a free WordPress site, there is an option for both.