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Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Live Happy and Work Better


When running a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, it is important that you don’t get frustrated when you are unable to achieve all of your top goals in time. Here is some advice on how to live a happy life while still being as productive as possible.

When you work with a happy attitude, you will indeed perform better and will accomplish your professional tasks in a better way.

Remember: If you really want to live as best as you can, don’t base your happiness on reaching large goals because you might not achieve them due to different circumstances.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Small Daily Goals

Although you might have some goals related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation such as having certain amount of cash on your bank account by a determined date, it is better that you work with small daily goals that can help you to reach the profits that you are aiming for, but doing so without setting any specific dates.

When you have a goal for the day, you will indeed feel great and will get closer to your bigger goal. On the other hand, when you just focus on your top goal, chances are that you will not even accomplish the tasks for the day because your mind is elsewhere.

Your small daily goals related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services should be fully doable according to your resources and the number of clients that you have. This means that you should avoid trying to work with “small goals” that are not so “small” after all.

For example, if you’ve noticed that there are at least 3 clients that places wagers with you on a daily basis, then make that your daily goal for the long run.

Don’t try to push your players to place bets in order to fulfill a bigger goal of, say, 10 players per day in order to get to your top goal faster. This will only lead to frustration and a feeling of unfulfillment.

Standard Level

What you need to aim for is a standard level of happiness that will help you to grow your Bookie Services operation in a more satisfactory way.

Sure, you are on the Bookie Pay per Head Services business to make cash, but what is money good for if you are always unhappy and frustrated?


Mindfulness is becoming more and more popular with Fortune-500 companies, including Google and Ebay, both of whom have meditation areas for their employees, and others such as Facebook and Twitter are following on their steps.

If you want to find more satisfaction in your job as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider, practicing mindfulness is a technique that can really help out.

In order to bring mindfulness to your work habits, you can start by practicing with basic things such as washing your dishes.

Just try to focus your attention on what you’re doing at the moment without allowing your mind to step away from the task at hand.

When you get good at it, you will realize that you are not even worried about your bigger long-term goals because you are actually finding a lot of satisfaction in what you are currently doing at the moment.

In other words, when you practice mindfulness, you get “in the zone,” which means that you are completely absorbed by your task and become oblivious to the things around you and even to the passage of time.

Indeed, the happier you are the better you’ll do as a Bookie Pay per Head Services freelancer, so we recommend you to take the information above into consideration in order to get to where you want to be as a professional agent without any of the frustration or unnecessary complications.

Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Validation and Qualification of Ideas


If you are planning to start a Bookie Pay per Head Services business, you might want to get familiar with the concept of startup idea qualification and risk elimination because those are two factors that you will have to deal with in the early days of your new freelancing career.

Here is some helpful information about what you can do to validate your ideas about your wagering operation in order to have a better vision of what it actually is and what it can become.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: MVP Thinking

Thinking of yourself as the most valuable player of your Bookie Solutions startup is quite advantageous because after all, no one will champion the concepts that you have in mind for your Bookie Pay per Head Services business like yourself, and most importantly, no one will do it justice like you.

Of course there is another MVP concept that you might want to embrace, and that is the minimum viable product, which states that you really should not put up more work than what is required to open the feedback channel from prospective clients.

This means that you should not over-do, and instead you must work smart in order to get validation for your product, or in your case, your Bookie Pay per Head Services, before you even open your doors to the public.

Qualification Tools

There are a few tools out there that can be really useful and which can be used in conjunction for better results:


This is a great tool that can serve as an idea validation tool. It is a website that is focused on helping new businesses to create launch pages in order to make it easier for them to acquire users faster.

They do so by providing entrepreneurs with an email capture landing page, and they allow you to test what is best for you.

So, by using LaunchRock, you can actually determine what your most effective pitch is in order to get the kind of emails that can turn into conversions.


Unbounce is a website that takes the email capture landing page a step beyond as it allows you to be get more creative with your testing compared to LaunchRock (we recommend you to use the two tools in conjunction in order to compare results).

When working with Unbounce, your goal is to get the best out of your landing page idea qualification strategies, and here are some useful steps that you can use to get the desired results:

  • Instead of describing your Bookie Pay per Head Services to the end users, try to create a pitch that is focused on solving a problem for them.
  • Work only with the data that is needed and no more than that.
  • Add a good marketing offer to your landing page with the goal of alleviating some of the stressful factors related to the problem your idea is going to solve.

Validation Board

Validation Board is a visual representation of a startup idea. This incredibly useful tool can help you to consider what the core assumptions that you have concerning your Bookie Pay per Head Services operation are.

This can be useful because it allows you to validate your ideas based on an analysis that involves the most risky assumption (s) that you can come up with.

What is best about this tool is that it can help you evolve the concepts about your sports betting operation into those that you can feel comfortable about pursuing.

Instead of a simple yes or no outcome, Validation Board forces you to adapt your primary ideas to your test outcomes. The result is great because it gives you a real-life perspective of the market weight and upside that you can experience when you actually decide to get on with your freelancing project.

A good way to get the best results when using the validation board is to do multiple tests before you actually decide to change any elements to your core idea (s).

Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Fundamentals of Great Blog Posts


If you decide to start your own Bookie Pay per Head Services blog, there are some key fundamental factors that you need to consider if you really want to get your desired results.

Here are the ones that will certainly help you to get on your way to master your blogging techniques.

Bookie Pay per Head Services: Blog’s Name

No matter if you have a blog that is part of your own Bookie Pay per Head Services website or if you just have a web log alone, the name that you give to it is crucial if you want to get the attention of prospective clients.

Since you are trying to attract players and you want them to know that you are a reliable agent, then try to get a name for your blog that is synonymous not only with your sports betting operation, but also with your own personality.

Try to keep the name of your blog short because it will be easier for visitors to remember it.

Also, try to avoid mysterious names because instead of intriguing prospective clients, it is likely that such type of confusing names will actually make them leave your Bookie Pay per Head Services blog for good.

Informative Tagline

Apart from reading the name of your web log, most visitors will also read your tagline, and for that reason it is quite important that you make it as informative as possible.

You want to let first-time visitors what your Bookie Price per Head Solutions blog and your business are all about in a few words.

If you are able to get people interested in what you have to offer just by what you wrote on your tagline, you have better chances of getting some conversions.

Focused Theme

Although it is good that you bring some variety to your Bookie Pay per Head Services blog, it is better if you stick with posts that your prospective clients will find interesting.

In other words, try to avoid posting on topics that have nothing to do with what players like, even when you believe a current topic is trendy.

This is because, again, the main purpose of your web log is to get you clients for your bookmaking operation, so think about what they enjoy seeing or reading and try to give them as much related content as possible.


A headline is certainly what it will draw someone to check the post itself, so, try to create them with the goal of pleasing your intended readers.

Make sure that you include good keywords and avoid deceiving headlines. This means that your headlines should be search engine-friendly and they also need to tell browsers what is it exactly that they will find when they click on the link for your post.

Opening Lines

The first few lines of your post are also quite relevant because when people starts reading, they will realize if they want to go on or leave your Bookie Pay per Head Services blog.

When writing your article, have this in mind: the actual task of the first line of your post is to get people interested enough to read the second line, and so on.

This goes for paragraphs too! If visitors find the first one attractive, then chances are that they will read the second one and it is likely that they will also continue to read the full text.

Post Length

Although small articles with condensed, interesting information are great, they are not acceptable for the search engines, and if you want to reach out to your targeted audience, then you must definitely create your posts taking the search engines into consideration.

For this reason, we recommend you to create posts for your Bookie Pay per Head Services web log that are not shorter than 300 words.

In order to find out what is the right length for your posts, check out the blogs of your competitors and try to over-do them.

Bookie Pay per Head Services Tips: Improving your Productivity


If you are finding the tasks related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services Business a bit overwhelming, here we have some useful information that can help you improve your productivity without burning out your energies.

Bookie Pay per Head Services / Step 1: Identify the Problems Related to Productivity

Sometimes we have many tasks that we need to get done ASAP, some days are busier, and others are more relaxed, but usually everything is pretty balanced.

The real problem is when such tasks appear too difficult to accomplish. It might be that there are certain accumulated deadlines or might be that you’ve been working in cruise mode for a while and suddenly you have a ton of stuff to do.

Indeed, your professional life as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider can throw you some productivity curveballs from time to time.

Maybe all you need to do is to learn how to be more productive and what it takes to obtain the necessary motivation to get you going. You can be in such a situation if you are dealing with some of the following scenarios:

Not knowing where to start:  Maybe you are simply not doing the things you must do related to your Bookie Pay per Head Services business because you just don’t know where to start.

If this is the case, you might end up doing things that are not related to your true goals, like browsing social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or maybe there is a task that you’ve been putting up for a long time, but you still haven’t taken that so much needed first step to get going.

Forgetting appointments:  Maybe you are dedicating a lot of hours to your work as a Bookie Pay per Head Services provider and you are leaving your personal life aside.

When you forget things such as an anniversary or even a school performance from your kids, then you might find yourself feeling guilty, and this can indeed bring you some overwhelming feelings.

Forgetting what you must do:  This is the contrary to forgetting appointments related to your personal life. In this case it might be that you are actually putting a lot of attention to what is going on with your family and friends and you are forgetting to do the things that you must do in order to keep your Bookie Price per Head Services business afloat.

You think there is no time:  In reality, there is always enough time, and you can have it if you really want it. Not having enough time is really a personal choice. This means that you are failing to be truly productive and that you are not dealing well with efficiency and self management.

If you really want to handle your Bookie Pay per Head Services business the right way, you need to take advantage of your true potential.

Step 2: Write it Down

In order to identify what are the tasks that are most important for the success of your Bookie Pay per Head Services business, thinking about it is simply not enough.

You must actually take the time to write down the things that you believe needs doing. This will help you to come up with a fixed purpose and will preventing from going in circles all the time.

Step 3: Assessing your List of Tasks by Priority

Once you’ve identified what are your business needs and tasks, you need to give them a priority, and the Eisenhower Matrix is a great tool that can help you organize your tasks by priorities of importance.

There are four categories on this useful table:

  • Urgent and Important
  • Important but not Urgent
  • Urgent but not Important
  • Neither Urgent nor Important

Try to get your tasks into these categories and you will indeed find out what you really need to accomplish NOW and what you can work on at a later time.

Pay Per Head Bookie Site: Preparing your Business For Marketing

Online Marketing Key Can Be Blogs Websites Social Media And Emai

Here are some useful tips when it comes to preparing your business for marketing using your Pay per Head Bookie website.

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Be Clear

You need to make sure that your Pay per Head Bookie site clearly tells visitors about the real value you offer to prospective clients and the way in which you offer it.

Remember that your goal is to sign up players for your sports betting business, so keep that in mind when you write the content for your site.


Headlines are crucial when it comes to getting the attention of visitors because that is the first thing they see when they arrive to your Pay per Head Services site.

For this reason, you must try to make your headlines as attractive and informative as possible. They should state what your website is all about in a few words, so try to be very precise and direct.

Having Enough Content before Launching

Before you launch your Bookie Services website, you must create at least ten posts so when your first visitors arrive, they will already find some interesting content, which can help you to get people on-site for longer periods of time, which is quite favorable when it comes to obtaining the conversions that you need.

Offer a Gift to Get Emails

A lot of people don’t provide you with their real email address if they don’t see that they can get something of value in exchange for such information.

On the other hand, when they see that they can get something like a free e-book, they might be inclined to give you their real email just out of curiosity concerning what your e-book is all about.

You can also, for example, use your betting expertise to create a series of helpful articles related to wagering, and you can offer those as part of a series that is destined only for those included in your mailing list.

If you are not camera shy, then instead of articles, you can create your own video series! Just try to be creative.


A great way to marketing your Price per Head Bookie business on your site is to have some positive testimonials.

When prospective clients see good comments about your sports betting operation, they will certainly feel more comfortable about becoming part of your wagering portfolio.

Multi-Content Marketing

When you create a Pay per Head Bookie website, don’t limit yourself to marketing your business only to landing pages, instead, you can also make use of:

  • A web log
  • Videos
  • Social Media
  • Podcasting
  • A Mailing List

Building a Web Log

Creating a web log can truly do wonders for your Pay per Head Bookie website as it will make it possible for you to add quality content on a regular basis, and this is great when it comes to improving your search engine optimization or SEO.

Your Own Mailing List

Although you might not be able to sign most of the people that visit your Pay per Head Bookie site right away, you can actually get them hooked to your updates using a mailing list.

There are sites that can give you a hand with your mailing list, and out of the top ones we recommend you MailChimp, AweberiContact, Get Response and Constant Contact.

When people check out their inboxes and sees regular emails from you related to fresh content, it is likely that many of them will follow the links to your site and will become regular visitors, and this can get you a step closer to get conversions.