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Price per Head Bookie Website: Attracting Clients, Positive Feedback


So you’ve taken the decision of going into business by yourself as a Price per Head Bookie. Congrats! Now is the time when the fun starts.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Creating your own Website

Your mission now is to start getting clients, and creating a website is an excellent way of helping you get leads for prospective clients.

Soon enough you will realize that your site is acting as the first point of contact players have with your sports betting operation.

In fact, even though you meet some clients in person, it is likely that they will want to take a look at your web portal for detailed information before they actually decide to start wagering with you.

This is the reason why your Pay per Head Services website must be designed to capture the attention of bettors.

It’s Not About Yourself

When you start a Price per Head Bookie business you might think that your goal is to sell yourself, but that is a misconception. Your mission should actually be to sell something with real value to prospective customers.

A bettor is not going to start playing with you just because you are a friendly person, or because you appear to have some experience in the industry.

They will in fact hire your Bookie Services because of the benefits they will receive. For that reason, you need to make sure your website all about your clients.

This means that you need to clearly let them know what’s in it for them if they decide to become part of your bookmaking portfolio.

Positive Feedback

Although you know that you are awesome and one of the best agents out there, it is really not in your best interest to post that kind of self-boasting arguments on your Price per Head Bookie website.

Instead, let your customers to do the boasting for you. Self promotion is a marketing technique that needs to be handled with caution.

It is certainly better to post success stories on your site that are told from the point of view of your current players instead of that of yours because handling things that way puts you in a better light concerning prospective customers.

Here are some ideas to help you get positive feedback from clients:

Define your Goals Beforehand

This means that you must have a clear idea of what players need and want before you even have a conversation with a customer.

When you are able to anticipate what bettors need before they ask you for it, then you are in an advantageous position and this can make it easier for you to receive positive comments early in the client-provider relationship.

Exceed Expectations

Don’t just go for the average Price per Head Bookie service. Instead, try to exceed the expectations of your customers on a regular basis.

This actually doesn’t mean that you have to provide features that weren’t agreed to, but it does entail to provide solutions that are above what is considered standard.

It also helps to focus on the goals of your clients and not on the cash that you will be paid.

Follow up on New Clients

When you are successful about signing up a new player for your Price per Head Bookie business, make sure that you check on how things are going on a constant basis.

Clients indeed appreciate this because they feel that they are actually valuable to you.

Designing your Website for Conversions

If you know the kind of customers that you want to attract to your Price per Head Bookie website, then chances are that you are able to speak their language quite well.

Use that knowledge and translate it to your site as this will help you to get more qualified leads.

Remember that your true aim by building a site is to get conversions, so keep that in mind during the construction process in order to end up with a website that it will be effective when it comes to sign up new clients for your business.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Facebook, Email Lists and your Website


The most difficult part about launching your own Price per Head Bookie website is to attract attention.

Facebook is a great solution to this problem, and here is some information that can help you get you closer to your targeted audience and build an email list at the same time.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: From Facebook to an Email List

It is relatively easier to get Facebook likes than to get someone to give you his or her email address, so it is a great a idea to build a strong following on FB first to then turn such following into an email list from prospective clients for your Price per Head Bookie business.

1. Building Landing Pages

The first thing that you must have in mind when creating your Pay per Head Services site is that you need to have landing pages to be used as references on your Facebook page.

If your first landing page is not quite ready yet, you can opt for using a “coming soon” announcement on the page in order to start building trust within the people that is visiting you.

What is most important is that such landing pages are going to serve as the key to this particular marketing strategy as it will help you funnel and collect emails.

How to Build your Landing Pages

Every single landing page that you create has to be different. Your mission is to tell people through social media that your Bookie Services website is launching soon and that you really have something valuable to offer.

This will indeed encourage people to give your their email address.

Here are some things you should consider adding:

    • A logo (or similar brand identification).
    • A detailed blurb with information on how your Price per Head Bookie site is going to benefit your prospective clients.
    • An incentive for signing up such as a free E-book (this is an optional one, but it is very recommended).
    • An email sign up box.
    • Positive comments related to your website.
    • Social media buttons.
    • Your contact information.

2. Creating a Facebook Page

Once you have created the first landing page for your Price per Head Bookie site, then it is time to start working on your very own Facebook page.

The first thing that you need to add to an FB page is a profile picture.

This is because this is the first thing visitors are going to look at, and it is indeed true that first impressions count a lot, so try to add one that it looks attractive to prospective clients and that it also reflects the values of your website (that goes to for the information that you add on your FB page concerning your business).

Effective Ads

Although getting likes in an organic way is great, since you are just getting started with your Price per Head Bookie site we recommend you to make use of paid ads in order to drive traffic to your FB page.

Although FB’s guidelines for ads are pretty clear, we still recommend you to take five minutes of your time to read them in order to have a clear idea of what you can and cannot do with ads.

The next thing related to ads is to decide who do you want to target with your ads, and working with demographics is great for this purpose because it allows you to tailor your ads in order to get you closer to prospective customers.

3. Turning your Ads into Subscriptions

Once you have created your first landing page on your Price per Head Bookie website and have obtained some likes throughout your FB ad campaign, then it is time to tie the two together.

People is not going to visit your Pay per Head Service site if they don’t find it interesting enough, so your job is to add attractive content to your FB page, including things such as links, pics and anything that you believe your targeted audience might like.

You can add the link to your landing page (where the email sign up form is located) once in a while between posts on your FB page, but you need to make sure that you don’t overdo it because you don’t want to appear as a salesman.

This means that you need to add the actual link to your landing page in a subtle way in order to not overwhelm your visitors with marketing info.

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Best Practices for Landing Pages


It is a fact that a lot of people that visits your Pay per Head Bookie site doesn’t arrive through the home page. Instead, many of your visitors actually enter your website through a landing page.

Since pages have become so relevant, standard SEO (search engine optimization) is now very focused on creating truly informative pages that can rank high in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Here is some information related to best practices for landing page creation and maintenance.

Pay per Head Bookie Tips: Clean Layout

When it comes to the layout of the landing pages for your Price per Head Services site, the motto of less is more comes pretty handy.

Don’t overdo your pages. Keep them clear and uncluttered.

Also, don’t add too much content.  You need to minimize scrolling as much as possible. Your goal is to create landing pages that offer the information prospective clients need right away.

In other words, you need to focus on trying to figure out how to get the attention of new visitors long enough to turn them into conversions in the future.

It is also essential that you utilize clear fonts with colors that contrast well with your background.

The Headlines

We recommend you to allow the headlines of the landing pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site to shine.

Headlines should be attractive and should be given a great deal of importance because they can make the difference between people that just sees the headline of a given page and immediately click the back button in their browsers and those that find a headline interesting enough to continue to explore the rest of the content within the page.

Focus on the Call to Action

You need to make it clear to prospective customers what is the action that you want them to take.

Either to give you a call or provide you with their email address, visitors must get a very clear idea of what is the focus of a given landing page from your Pay per Head Bookie site.

It is important to mention that although your goal is to make it clear for visitors to know what the conversion point is, you must be cautious about being too direct about getting people to do something because you might get the opposite result.

In other words, you must use your CTA or Call to Action in a way that invites people to do what you need them to do but without forcing them to do so.

Removing Header Navigation

If you really need people to take certain action on a given landing page of your Pay per Head Bookie site, then we recommend you to remove the header navigation from such pages in order to prevent people from navigating to other areas of the website.

Speak the Language of your Clients

If you really want to capture the attention of prospective clients, then you must create copy for the landing pages of your Pay per Head Bookie site that has a sense of familiarity concerning the way in which players express themselves.

Using the slang prospective customers use certainly helps you to stand as as an experienced agent and one that understands the needs and wants of players.

Keep on Testing

There is a chance that things might not go your way right away concerning the traffic that you can get within the first few months of having your Pay per Head Bookie website up and running.

For this reason, you must test different approaches to your landing pages in order to see what techniques can give the results that you’re expecting.

We truly advise you to keep on trying different things and once you find an approach that is paying back with good numbers, continue to use it to create future landing pages.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Raising Funds for your Business


A small Price per Head Bookie business might find some difficulties getting that much needed extra cash in order to get started or to fund its expansion because it doesn’t count with an optimal track record.

If you are looking for some funding for your Bookie Services startup, here is some useful information that can help out.

Price per Head Bookie Tips: Explore All Options

In order to determine which available options are better for your particular business needs, the worst thing that you can do is to discard some given options before you actually have the chance to explore them in deep.

Getting a Loan

When it comes to getting a loan, you might think that it is easier to say it than to actually do it.

It is a fact that banks turn down many applications from small businesses, but to get a loan is not an impossible task.

If you are refused a loan by the banks, you can still use other sources such as credit unions.

If you can afford the monthly payments, debt is doubtless a great way to get the funds needed to start your Price per Head Bookie business with the right foot.

If you decide that a bank loan is really what you want, then you need to be quite convincing in order to get a positive answer.

For this reason, you need to create an impressive proposal that presents your business as an stable proposition (instead of telling the banks that you want the loan to start a Pay per Head Services Bookie operation, tell them that you are planning to start a small customer service business, for example).

Also, make sure that you’re able to anticipate the questions that you will be asked by the loan officer. Indeed, the more prepared you are, the more chances you have of succeeding.

Angel Investors

Do not confuse the term “angel investor” with “philanthropist” because they are not the same at all.

An angel investor is a person that is looking for investing opportunities that can get him or her good profits based on individual criteria.

Just like with the banks, if you are able to convince an angel investor that your business has the potential for massive profits, you are likely to get the cash you need.

When it comes to angel investors, you really don’t have anything to hide, so you can tell them that you are planning to run a Price per Head Bookie operation.

Angel investors are wealthy individuals who enjoy putting cash into promising young companies, and what is best is that they are willing to take a calculated risk if they like your proposition.

On the other hand, they are also expecting a high return within a determined period of time, so take that into consideration when one of them gives you a “yes” concerning your loan request.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is an option that you can take into consideration for your Price per Head Bookie operation at a later period than angel investors.

Remember that venture capital is not given by a person but by a company, and the amount of cash to be loaned is usually larger than the one you can request from an angel investor, plus they will ask you for a share of ownership.

A good example is Facebook, a company that began thanks to a half million dollar loan given by an angel investor and then a year later a venture capital firm invested more than ten million dollars.

This means that a venture capital firm only deals with startups that have shown that they can be truly profitable.

Private Equity

These types of companies are quite similar to venture capital firms in the sense that both can invest in your Price per Head Bookie operation for a share of your business, although they handle things a little bit different.

Instead of searching for the next big-time company such as Twitter, for example, private equity companies are open to a wider range of opportunities, which includes many different sectors and companies that are either new or relatively old.

These companies are known for helping with large investments for a much bigger return.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Inbound Linking That Should Be Avoided


Inbound linking is certainly one of the most effective techniques to improve the PageRank of your Bookie Services site and here’s some information on what you need to avoid if you want to obtain the best results.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Incestuous links

Those that are known as incestuous links carry that name because, for example, certain people have several websites all linking to each other but the owner pretends that he doesn’t own most of the sites.

There are large companies with several interconnected websites that do utilize this technique but they are aware that they are not gaining any link equity and in most cases they do it only because of commercial value.

Most importantly, they don’t hide the fact that they work with it.

Even though you might be trying to use this technique for commercial purposes only, if you are running several small Bookie Services sites and try to link them to each other, you might get penalized.

What is worst, your links can get devalued and your Bookie Solutions site can even be removed from the index of the major search engines for good.

Link farms

Link farms are a type of sneaky SEO (search engine optimization) technique that is utilized to fool the web crawlers with the goal of getting better rankings on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Link farms are hundreds of links on a variety sites all of which link to each other.

This is similar but slightly different than the aforementioned incestuous linking technique because the person that is practicing link farming does not own all of the websites involved.

For example, you should be wary of someone that is asking to add a link to your Bookie Services site in exchange for a link on your Pay per Head Services site to a website that is completely unrelated to your industry (or areas of close interest) because that is a clear sign of a link farm.

You really can’t help it if your site is included in a link farm, all you can do is to ask the owner of such harmful site in a respectful way to remove it as soon as possible.

If you are not linking right back at them, your Price per Head Services site is probably going to be fine.

Web rings

Web rings are not necessarily spam. Web rings are any collection of web sites from around the Internet that join together through interlinking in a circular structure. When you join a web ring, you become part of a circle of related websites.

The term web ring is not really synonymous with spam. These are collections of web sites that are linked to each other by using a circular interlinking structure.

If you join a web ring, this means that you are joining to a circle of websites that are relevant to each other.

It is really not a good idea to become part of a web ring because they don’t help you with link equity, plus you really want people linking back at you in a natural way.

Although they are not as popular as they used to be, they still exist.

Bad Neighborhoods

When you become part of a bad neighborhood, meaning that you are taking links from websites that were eliminated from the search engines’ indexes, it is exactly like associating yourself with the bad guys at school.

Your Bookie Services site will likely get flagged, which means that you will fall under suspicion of using spam.

If someone happens to request a backlink from you, make sure that you search for the URL (uniform resource locator) on Google in order to see if the page where your link is going to be located is indexed.

If not, then chances are that you might want to decline the inbound link exchange proposal.

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Understanding XML Sitemaps


There are some really good reasons to use an XML Sitemap on your Pay per Head Services Site, and here is some helpful information on why.

Indeed, it helps a lot to use XML Sitemaps as search engines are quite fond of them.

Pay per Head Services Tips: XML Sitemap Protocol

When it comes to the XML Sitemap protocol 0.9 format, it was created by the top search engines such as Google and Bing and was designed to be very scalable in order to include Pay per Head Services sites of any size.

You should build your XML Sitemaps based on the latest version of this protocol, which is part of and that makes the work of the web crawlers much easier as it tells them which URL’s (Uniform resource locator) from your Pay per Head Services site must be crawled.

It also makes it possible for website administrators to add extra data related to every URL such as the date of last update and their importance compared to other URLS from the Price per Head Solutions site with the aim of facilitating the crawling process.

HTML Site Maps vs. XML Sitemaps

Even though their names are not that different, a standard HTML site map and an XML Sitemap is a very different type of document.

They are also not interchangeable, so we recommend you to have both kinds on your Pay per Head Services site.

Its Function

What an XML Sitemap does is that it defines for the web crawler the priorities and importance of your Bookie Solutions site.

This is great because it enables the spiders to index your full price per head solutions site faster and to also re-index any possible changes such as new reductions or expansions of content.

Site-Mapping Tools

If you really want a quick diagnostic of what is good and what is bad, then you can do a search for a site-mapping tool that can help you determine what changes you need to make in order to improve the current status of your XML Sitemap.

Such tools can inform you of:

  • Duplicate content that you want to eliminate to improve your rankings.
  • Any broken links that are possibly old and useless now and that are actually leading some visitors to pages with no content at all or to a 404 Not Found page.
  • It will also tell you if there are any areas that the web crawlers aren’t able to access.

Creating Media-Specific XML Sitemaps

When XML Sitemaps were launched for the first time, Google created their own set of protocols for their construction for specific types of data.

For example, if you’re running a news organization, you can create XML Sitemaps especially designed to be indexed for Google News.

Other kinds of media-specific XML Sitemaps include geo-targeted ones, for Google Video, for Mobiles and many more.

XML Sitemaps Must-Do’s

When you construct an XML Sitemap for your Pay per Head Services site, it must:

  • Have a loc child entry for every url parent tag.
  • Start with a urlset tag and finish with another one.
  • Have a url entry for every URL in order to function as an XML tag.

Be Concise

Although having an XML Sitemap and a regular HTML site map can help you greatly when it comes to improve your PageRank, it is also advisable to be concise with the construction and maintenance of your Bookie Pay her Head Services site.

This means that you should always work with a consistent method in order to guarantee that all the elements of your well-siloed website are going to remain relevant at all times.