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Pay per Head Bookie: Understanding the Business

illuminated bulb

Common agents whom used to rely on nothing else but a couple of phone lines and rustic tools such as pens and notebooks have been handling their businesses more conveniently for some time now thanks to the whole Pay per Head Bookie concept.

Working as a Price per Head Bookmaker is a win-win situation for both the client and the agent, and this is because the latter is able to provide a service that is more organized, convenient and friendly to users.

Pay per Head Bookie: Enticed by the Web

The modern advantages of the internet are the main reason why the Pay per head Bookie was born.

A while back the downside of becoming a sports betting agent was that the whole operation had to be run from either a basement, or a similar place that worked as a back office.

A Pay per Head Bookie doesn’t have the need to handle his business that way anymore since he can direct his clients to an especial website where they can get their wagering action.

The PPH Shop (the overseas company that offers the betting solutions) is in charge of recoding every single bet, track it and total it.

Then the agent can simply login into his Price per Head Bookie Software account and check the winners and the losers in order to see who he has to pay or collect from the following week.

The internet is certainly at the center of the whole service, including the phones, which are mostly lines that work using the now famous VoIP (Voice over IP).

Working with Credit

There is always going to be a market out there for street agents, mainly because they offer credit to their clients.

Since agents provide credit, their customers don’t have the need of uploading their credit card information online or send cash to an unknown offshore location.

This means that players can get their action anytime they want and then they can discuss with the Pay per Head bookie about their credit situation.

There is no exchange of cash between the PPH Shop and players. The shop just offers the Pay per Head Bookie a place where he can safely keep the wagering data of his clients.

If a client pays his debts, then the agent knows that he can trust such person in order to extend more credit.

On the other hand, players can rely on the Pay per Head Bookie since they are playing using credit. Indeed this type of organized service is quite attractive and really works.

Splitting the Profits

A Pay per Head Bookie has two options:

A. He can working all by himself and keeps all the profits while paying an affordable weekly fee per player. In this case, the agent has to assume all the financial costs. This is a great option for seasoned agents whom are financially stable.

B. The Pay per Head Bookie can also decide to work as a partner of the PPH Shop, with the latter working at the office processing the wagers and the agent doing the street work (either alone or with sub-agents whom work for a commission), meaning getting the clients and doing collections.

The second option is advantageous for the type of Pay per Head Bookie who is just getting started in the business because the financial risk is lower.

This means that the agent is going to split profits 50-50 with the PPH Shop but the latter is also going to contribute 50% of the cost when a player wins.

In other words, the agent makes less cash for his own pocket but he doesn’t get hit so hard on his bank account.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Using Link Magnets and Link Baits

Social engineering concept

A great way to attract inbound links to your pay per head bookie services site is to make use of link magnets and baits.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Difference between Link Bait and Magnet

Link magnets include things such as tools, web apps, how-to articles, reference material or just any kind of data that is considered valuable by both prospective clients and linking partners.

Link Baits are the content that is especially created with the goal of getting attention and attracting backlinks to your bookie services site.

The main difference between them is that a magnet is used to attract links that are relevant to your website and bait is used to get good, but short-term traffic that is not precisely related to your industry.

Ideas for a Link Magnet

To come up with a good idea for a link magnet might not be an easy task and it is likely to require a good effort on your part, but in the end the results are going to be favorable and your time will certainly be compensated.

Before you start developing a link magnet, you need to have a clear idea of who your targeted audience is and what is it that they find interesting when they go online.

A link magnet gets the attention of others and generates discussion, and ultimately will get you closer to people that will eventually link back to your bookie services site.

If you are short of ideas when it comes to creating link magnets for your bookie software solutions site, you can always opt for hiring the services of professionals that can do this work for you.


Writing articles that are of a non-commercial nature can certainly help you attract some inbound links from people that find the information contained in the pages of your bookie services site helpful enough as to add you as a source for related content

Link Baits:

There are different kinds of content that SEO (search engine optimization practitioners commonly use as link baits:

Top 10’s: Although some might consider these lists a bit cliché, they are still very effective for getting backlinks.

How-To’s: These guides explaining something from A to Z in the way of a summary. Adding pictures to this kind of content is good, but videos are even better, so if you are not camera-shy, open your own youtube channel, where, for example, you discuss the upcoming NFL games based on your sports betting expertise.

If you manage to get a loyal following, then chances are that people will link back to your bookie services site quite often.

Controversial Stuff: creating controversial content based on hot-button issues is another way to get people talking about what you have to say.

This can be either very good and attract positive comments about what you wrote or it can also be very bad and decrease the reputation of your bookie services site on social media for example.

This is the reason why making use of this technique must be used with care or not used at all.

Resources: You can also come up with things such as charts or interesting graphs about new research on different areas.

If you manage to create cool charts or graphs that explain a concept in an easy yet entertaining way, and add them to pages to be subsequently promoted, you will certainly increase the chances of success of your link bait campaign.

Games: If you have the necessary resources, then you can also hire a professional that can help you develop a game for your bookie services site may or may not be related to your particular industry.

If you can come up with the right product, you are likely get some good short-term optimization benefits thanks to the continuous traffic.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Information on Obtaining Backlinks


There are different ways in which you can collect backlinks for your bookie services site. For example, you can create attractive articles or even come up with a useful widget that will certainly encourage website administrators to link to you.

Every single technique takes time and dedication, and for this reason, it is advisable to attract qualified outbound links with content people is sure to find valuable, especially when it comes to making the most of your time and cash (to buy link-ads for example) as possible.

Bookie services Site Tips: Main Benefit of Outstanding Content

The top benefit of creating great content for your bookie services site is that it can attract links from websites with a high PageRank on its own, and what is best, those links are likely to remain in those sites permanently, which is quite beneficial for your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.

Links that have stayed in pages with relevant content will definitely make you appear more authentic to those who arrive to your bookie services site from those pages.

The Kind of Sites you should Aim for

If you already have some attractive content for your pay per head bookie services site and you wish to become more proactive when it comes to get others to link to you, the first step is to do some brainstorming about the kind of websites that are more appropriate for your backlinking campaign.

It is quite helpful to check for the sites that are linking to your competition and the reasons why. Make sure to verify if your competitors are using paid ads (such as banners) for reciprocal linking (one ad in their site and vice versa).

Also remember that it is in your best interest to get outbound links from websites which are closely related to your industry or the themes of your bookie services site.

Justified Use of Ads

If you are to use paid advertisements, you need to make sure that such ads are justified based on how they can increase your traffic and improve brand awareness instead of basing your decision to spend cash on ads because of ranking benefits.

If you decide to use purchased advertisements, make sure to utilize the pages of your bookie solutions site which are visited more often as they are doubtless the best targets for paid ads.

Reputation of Websites

Although Google has stated that there is little other websites can do to harm yours, “little” is not synonymous with “no harm at all.”

You can actually hurt the reputation of your bookie services site with the web crawlers if you engage in a reciprocal link campaign with websites that are known for manipulating the SERPs (search engine results page) with unethical optimization techniques such as link farming and spam.

Never ask for backlinks from such type of websites.

Authority Websites

A backlink from a website that is relatively new is just as good as one that comes from an established web portal, but this is true only if the link is located in a popular page from a newer site that is considered to have “authority.”

It is also important to remember that a link located in newer authority sites are likely to drive more traffic to your bookie services site because they have better designs and are probably well maintained by their administrators.

No Follow Attribute

When requesting a backlink from an external website, make sure that the webmaster of the other site is not going to add a rel=”nofollow”attribute to the link because that will prevent the spiders from indexing it, and that will basically eliminate the reason why you requested the outbound link in the first place.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Link Building 101


Link building it’s about getting external sites to link to your bookie services site. There are different ways in which you can ask for links for your site:

  • Magnets
  • Baiting
  • Requests
  • Buying

Bookie Services Site Tips: Link Magnets

When we mention link magnets, we are referring to the elements on your bookie services website that you construct in such a way that people really feel like linking to them.

In the same fashion as a magnet attracts iron, these content elements are great to attract links.

Visitors find your price per head service site, then find the link magnet and finally decide that the content is very relevant, so they decide to add a link to the page of your bookie solutions site on their own website.

This of course happens because a certain webmaster has found your content both useful and attractive.

This is a process that takes place over time but that is quite effective because the person that is linking to your pay per head services site has a real interest in your particular field of expertise.

It is important to recall that the web crawlers judge your bookie services site based on how well developed your website is in relationship to your particular industry of interest, and to get external links from relevant sites certainly helps a lot.

Link Baits

What SEO (search engine optimization) experts refer to as link bait is just an accelerated variation of a link magnet. It is something that is deliberately stimulating as to get a webmaster to decide to link to you without a prior request.

A link bait, unlike a magnet, is more broad and is not going to be just appealing to your targeted audience but to a larger market.

Just like any other type of link that is not very relevant to the content of your bookie services site, link baits are really not going to be considered as outstanding links.

However it does have a good side: it bring some extra traffic to your pay per head service site, and hopefully some of those new visitors might find your content interesting enough as to give you a permanent link on their own websites.

Viral marketing is a great example of link baits.

Link Requests

A link request is just that: a request from your bookie services site to another website in order to get your link on the external site.

This is done mostly by sending an email or by contacting the webmaster of the other site using a different method.

It is recommended that you do some extensive research on websites that are relevant to your price per head service site, and when you find one that seem adequate, get in touch with the site’s webmaster.

Once you have managed to establish a connection with the site’s administrator, let him or her know what your bookie services website is all about and the reason why you believe it would be good to add a link to one of your pages.

Of course don’t forget to mention on your request the anchor text you would like to be added on the external link.

Think of link requests as selling products door to door. The more doors you knock the more chances of making a sale, or in your case, to get a conversion.

This is a process that takes a lot of time and patience, but it certainly pays well in the end.

Buying Links

You must be very careful when it comes to buying links for your bookie services site. There are actually two ways of doing so but only an effective one.

The first way, which is the one that is seeing with good eyes by the spiders, is to buy advertising for traffic purposes.

The second one, which can get you in trouble with the search engines, is to buy links for popularity.

Although paid links might have some value, when they get detected, they will lose their SEO value and you will end up getting penalized, so it is not recommended. This is because Google actually hates paid links.

Although buying links for traffic and advertising purposes have no SEO weight whatsoever, it is perfectly fine to get webmasters to add a text-link ad or a banner to their sites.

Bookie Services Site Tips: Local Search Optimization


If you’re looking to make some business with people from the area where you live, you should consider optimizing your bookie services site for local searches.

The search engines are quite intuitive and interpret certain searches as local ones.

For example, if someone writes “New Jersey pizza express”, the SERPs will contain links for NJ restaurants that offer a pizza express service.

Bookie services Site Tips: Must-Do’s

In order to optimize your content for local searches, you must:

Show your address: Because of privacy issues, it is in your best interest if you work using a PO Box.

You can use such address to post it online along with your toll free number in order to get prospective clients to contact you after they see one of your locally-optimized pages on the SERPs (search engine results pages).

When a person sees an actual address and even a contact number, they are more comfortable about acquiring your bookie solutions because they feel that you work at a more personal level.

Mention Things Related to the Location: In order to support the theme of the page (s) that you are optimizing to appear on local results for either the place where you live or another region, you can make use of words that refer to local landmarks and locations of interest.

Just make sure that the keyword that you are going to use the most is the one referring to the place where you actually want to do business (your top keyword).

Also, don’t put that many words referring to neighboring places or other related keywords because you will be diluting the overall theme of your page and your aimed keyword phrase will lose some weight when it comes to its position on the SERPs.

The important thing is to work with the right balance of keywords that will allow you to get your desired results when it comes to signing up local clients using your bookie pay per head services site.

Browser’s Location

When a person does a search, the search engine knows where the browser is located thanks to his internet protocol or IP address.

Since this is true, when someone from your area does a search for bookie services, if you have optimized your site to appear on local listings, chances are that such people is going to get your site on their search results even when they have not specified their location.

Local SEO for Other Areas

You can also opt for optimizing your site to offer your bookie services on other areas different than where you actually live.

For this purpose you can also make use of local search optimization, but instead of doing SEO for the area where you reside, you can opt for optimizing your site so it will appear on results for searchers from areas with a heavy concentration of online gamblers.

Local Means Business

When someone in a given area is looking for local bookie services, then there are good chances that such people is interested in actually signing up and start placing players.

This is because optimizing for local search is part of the long-tail SEO (search engine optimization) system, and the traffic that is acquired using this technique is more interested in buying something than in just doing some research.

Be Closer to your Clients

Another great aspect of optimizing for local search is that it will give you the chance to stay closer to the clients that you make using your bookie services site.

While having a website is great because it gives you the chance of closing some deals with people from other areas different from the one where you reside, you can only provide person-to-person bookie services to the people that live close to you.

Try to be as fair as possible with your local clients and you will see how the word of mouth about your price per head solutions is going to spread easily and will help you to expand your business.

Bookie services Site Tips: Understanding Duplicate Content


You must avoid duplicated content on your bookie services site, period. When you make use of content that has been residing on a different URL for some time, the web crawlers will notice it.

Even though the content is the same on both sites, yours is newer, and which is an indication of duplication and you can get penalized.

Remember that the search engines want to show browsers a variety of options on the same topic and not a bunch of links containing exactly the same text or multimedia files.

Bookie services Site Tips: Only Original Content

What’s more important, the spiders have to determine which page is the original one, and that is the only page of a bookie services site that is going to be included on the SERPs (search engine results page), while the perceived copy will not make the cut.

This is why it is so important that you write your own content for the pages of your bookie pay per head services site because when you decide to use duplicated text, your pages are not even going to be available for prospective clients to see them, so it is not worth it.

Types of Duplicate Content

There are two main types of duplicate content:

  • Outside Domain: This is when there are two websites with the same text
  • Within Domain: This is when the duplication is taking place on your bookie services site.

Avoiding In-Site Duplicates

In order to keep your site duplication-free, here are some tips that can help:

  • Heading Tags: When you’re writing these tags for your bookie services site, there is a chance that competing websites are already using the same tags.  Make sure that you investigate your competition in order to have fully original copy.
  • Consolidate Content: if you some reason you have two pages with very similar content, your best bet is to combine the content of both pages in order to create a strong one to replace two weak ones.

Titles and Descriptions

There are times when even the smallest of mistakes can get your site penalized, and using duplicated titles is one of them.

Even though the content of the pages of your bookie services site is different, if they all share the same title, there is a chance that the web crawlers are going to identify your pages as duplicated content just because of that small but very important detail.

The same goes with your descriptions for every page: avoid putting duplicated content on this important area. Instead, try to create a detailed piece of information that includes your targeted keyword for that specific page.


There are different methods which you can use to syndicate your content such as RSS feeds and press releases, but you need to be careful when you use this SEO (search engine optimization) technique because of the duplicate content factor.

Press Releases: Even though sending a PR or press release might create a good amount of duplicate content because of the basic nature of this practice, using PR’s is a great way to get backlinks and generate traffic for your bookie services website.

If you start sending PR’s for your bookie services site, don’t stop doing it because the search engines will notice that you are making use of a valid SEO practice, which will prevent certain content that you have created from being penalized as duplications.


Another great source of duplicate content is mirrors. These are \copies of either a single page or a full bookie services site.

There are ways in which you can use mirrors to improve user convenience, but the important thing to notice is that you must not make use of this practice in a deceptive way.

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: User Engagement


Much of what you learned back in your English classes can come quite handy when it comes  to writing engaging content for your pay per head services website.

You need to keep in mind that your site is really never “finished.”

In fact, the pages of our website need continuous revision. When you’ve written something and you return to it a few days after, there are likely a few factors that you might want to change.

Indeed, the better your content, the more professional your site looks and the more chances of getting a good position in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Using Verbs

Your must pick good verbs that convey action. Avoid the regular “to be” forms, and instead make use of more strong verbs such as soar, create, drive and infuse.

Avoid the Passive Tone

When you use a passive tone on your writing, it sounds too serious and although that is good sometimes, it should be the exception and not the rule. Instead, try to identify the subject on a given sentence and make it active.

Your bookie pay per head services site really needs to persuade visitors, get them interested and draw then in with outstanding SEO (search engine optimization) content. It is because of this that you need to avoid writing in a passive way.

This means that instead of just telling the mere facts, you need to evoke action in order to get to the minds and hearts of your readers, so don’t forget to be as descriptive as possible.

In other words, don’t just tell people about your bookie price per head service, make them feel it.

Sensory Words

The text that you write for your pay per head services website needs to make visitors feel what you’re talking about.

For example, instead of just writing something like “bookie solutions for your betting needs,” improve such sentence with something like “Increase your adrenaline while enjoying the action of your football game on a warm Sunday afternoon by placing a sound wager with your favorite agent.”

Another great thing about writing emotive, longer sentences is that it gives you a chance of integrating your keywords in a seamless way.

Give Details

Remember that you should always call things by their name. Avoid being vague as such unwanted writing practice will certainly lead you to become more ambiguous and it will also confuse the visitors of your pay per head services site.

Sometimes, because you are writing on something that you are very familiar with, you might end up generalizing or putting together phrases that only make sense to those familiar with your business.

In order to see if your text is enticing not only to experienced players but also to the novice ones, get someone neutral to read your copy in order to help you find out if what you wrote is clear to most people or if you need to change some unclear text.

A fresh pair of eyes will help you identify mistakes more easily than if you are the only one reviewing the text contained within the pages of your bookie pay per head services site.


Your also should avoid using pronouns such as “it” or “that” or generic terms such as “thing” or “stuff.”

Of course there will be times that it will be impossible for you to avoid using such words in your writing, but do it as often as you can. In fact, you should always try to use terms which are packed with meaning.

Also, when you restate a specific keyword term, you are helping the web crawlers to truly understand what a given page of your pay per head services site is all about.

Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Allowing User Input

Allowing users to provide you with content for your pay per head services site, meets 2 important goals: It increases the amount of overall text and it promotes higher user engagement.

You might feel hesitant about letting others write content for you, but the advantages definitely make it a great decision to go with.

Although the content created by others can appear in your pay per head services site, you are ultimately the one that decides exactly what is added.

The top motivation to allow user-generated content (UGC) is to get unique text with a different point of view.


Pay per Head Services Site Tips: Reviews

When it comes to the content created by users for your pay per head services site, reviews are certainly one of the top alternatives.

To allow your actual clients and visitors to write their own reviews is not only a great way to increase the content of your site, but it also increases your credibility as a bookie.


In Their own Words

Users will write about your bookie pay per head services in their own words. Your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts combined with the uniqueness of every single review can help you capture the traffic of long tail search terms.


Great for Business

When you allow user reviews, it will be easier for you to sell your bookie pay per head services because visitors tend to trust more in the veracity of user-generated content than in usual sales text.

If a prospective client sees that you have some great reviews, their faith in your bookie solutions increases, which means that your chances of closing a deal are also more favorable.

They say that an educated consumer helps to create better clients, and this is indeed true.


Good News on Positive Reviews

Some owners of bookie sites fear that users might write bad reviews on the pay per head services they provide, but if we consider statistics, the news are really good.

This is because professional online reviews websites have found that 85% of reviews are positive.

This means that people tend to write a review more often when they are satisfied with a product or service and not otherwise.


Unwanted Reviews

Of course you will also get your share of bad reviews despite how good your price per head service is. In order to deal with unwanted reviews properly, you should:

  • Monitor the content that is being generated by your users. You can either do this manually, or you can opt for an automatic service that can help you remove offending entries from your pay per head services site.
  • It is also a good idea to keep a record of the IP addresses of your reviewers in order to keep track of people that leave unfounded bad comments.
  • You can also consider providing people with account logins, but the drawback to this is that such security gate may dissuade users from writing reviews. On the positive side, it will give you assurance that only clients are writing the reviews.
  • It is also good to let people to comment on other users’ reviews. The more a positive comment is supported, the more credible it appears to prospective customers.


Negative Comments with a Good Outcome

When someone writes a bad review or puts a bad comment on a good review, this will give you the chance to contact the disgruntled user in order to resolve the problem as soon as possible.

After the person’s problem is resolved, he or she might be so happy, that you might end up getting either a great correction on a bad review (which gives you more credibility) or a fully new great positive review on your pay per head services site from the person that wrote the bad comment on a previously published good review.