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How to Bet March Madness


March Madness is one of the most awaited tourneys of the year, not just for fans of NCAA basketball, but also for those whom are looking to make a profit by wagering on the games, and here at Book per Head we are offering bettors the following tips in order to help them make the right picks.

Rosters and Style: Checking the roster of a team against another is essential as it gives you the opportunity of knowing about how they both match up (also check on injured players and possible replacements on a given starting lineup as sometimes a single player can make all the difference).

Also remember to watch for previous performances in order to check on both of the teams’ playing styles. This is because even though there is a team with a better roster, the other can actually win the game thanks to the style in which they run the basketball court. When there is a match and one of the teams has a better roster and style, betting on such team is certainly advised.

Turnovers: Sure, there is always an underdog and a favorite in a game in terms of how talented they are, but a dog team can actually pull an upset if they have a history of less turnovers than their favored rivals, so when placing your wager on a given game from the 2012 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament, make sure that you check on turnover differences for both of the teams in the court.

Schedules: Another important thing to look for before you put your cash on a give team is to verify its schedule, as although this doesn’t replace watching a team playing, the team’s previous results can give you an idea of how its players are able to respond in different match-ups.

Straight Wagers and Parlays:  It is recommended that you first make your bets on individual games, then, when you are finished, you can actually create a parlay using key picks from your previous straight wagering selections.  Make sure that you put approximately half of the amount you put on a straight bet on a parlay as the latest has a better monetary return than the former for a lesser investment.

As a final advice, we recommend you to watch every single game in full if possible, as this will give you the chance of checking on the progression of every team that manages to advance to the next round.

PPH Services Satisfaction Guaranteed

PPH Solutions: Bettors Are Pleased, Bookies Even More

PPH Services Satisfaction Guaranteed

Times are changing, and bettors are more demanding than ever. Bookies are aware of this, and in order to keep their clientele satisfied, sports betting agents have found out that enhancing their wagering operation with pay per head solutions from Book per Head is the way to go.

PPH services are certainly the key for customer retention, as bettors enjoy of quick and to-the-point attention, which is the way they like it. Agents whom are still doing things the old school way are the ones with profit losses as some or most of their clients prefer to take their wagering action somewhere else.

Agents using price per head solutions from our company are not only content because their clients are happy with the service they are receiving, but also because they themselves can handle their wagering business without any major inconveniences thanks to the efficiency and ease of use of our bookie software.

Such sports betting software contains a series of different reports which allows the bookmaker to have a clear image of how his operation is doing, which makes it easier for him to take the decisions he considers necessary in order to keep his client portfolio in healthy conditions.

Bettors are also really satisfied with bookies that are using professional PPH solutions because they know that their security will never be compromised since a large company such as Book per Head takes privacy really seriously, and have taken the necessary measures to prevent the outflow of sensitive data.

Bookies are also quite fond of these security policies not only because their information is fully protected, but also because the wagering activity of their clients is not directly related to them as they are not calling him directly to place their bets, and the software that is used by the bookmaker to keep track of his client’s activity can be viewed online, which prevents the bookie from having to store any information on his personal computer, meaning that the bookie can run his business without getting linked directly to his clients.

As you can see, not only the clients of the bookmaker will be satisfied when he takes the right decision and starts doing businesses with Book per Head, but the agent himself will enjoy of many benefits which will help him to establish himself as a respectable bookie which can be trusted at all times. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 1-877-774-0999

Talent and Success

The Right Human Talent is Key for Our Success

Talent and Success

To handle a successful betting company is no easy task, but when you count with the right human talent, it is certain that things should always go the right way, and that is the case with Book per Head, a company that strives to offer bookies the best possible service at any time thanks to the efforts of professionals whom have been carefully chosen in order to be part of our organization.

We at Book per Head feel proud of every single individual that is working for us as we know that every one of them has committed to be the best in what they do, which certainly pays up in the form of positive word of mouth for the company, allowing us to enjoy of a continuous growth that establishes us as one of the most trustful names in the industry.

While others really don’t care who they hire as long as they speak some English, we always make sure that we are only hiring the ones that has proven to speak at a native level, which makes of each phone call a more pleasant and satisfactory experience for every single one of the clients whom are dialing for our offshore call center.

Bookies are looking to work with a company that can offer them what they want and nothing more, in order words, they prefer the to-the-point approach, and we at Book per Head are certainly aware of this, which is why we train our clerks to be as fast and professional as possible in order to help the clients of the bookie to get their action in without making the conversation longer than it is necessary.

Since we also train our clerks to be as accurate as possible, chances are that you won’t be having any disputes concerning wagers placed, though if there is somebody that is claiming that a bet was placed wrong by someone at the company, we have a modern call-tracking system which allows us to go over every single call and check what was said. This means that even though our clerk made a good job, we still have the records to prove it in order to clean our image and to also protect your interests.

If you are a bookmaker that is in need of truly effective and affordable pay per head services backed by a team of skilled and pro individuals, do not hesitate and give us a call at 1-877-774-0999 and let us take of the rest.